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Jason Derulo Gets Into Fight With Two Men In Las Vegas Because One Called Him Usher

Jason Derulo Gets Into Fight With Two Men In Las Vegas Because One Called Him Usher

The heckler yelled out “Hey, Usher! F**k you, b***h!”

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Jason Derulo has been led away by police in Las Vegas after being involved in a fight at a hotel.

A passerby filmed the 'Talk Dirty' singer travelling down an elevator inside the ARIA hotel lobby and everything seemed totally normal.

Then, TMZ reports two men yelled out to Derulo and mistook him for a completely different artist.

The news outlet claims one of the men shouted: "Hey, Usher! F**k you, b***h!"

It's unclear whether the man knew it was Jason Derulo and was just trying to get a rise out of him or whether he legitimately thought the bloke passing him on the elevator was the 'Confessions' singer.

It reportedly didn't take long for the hitmaker to allegedly lash out at the heckler, with TMZ saying Derulo punched him square in the face.

Jason also reportedly slapped the other man who was with the heckler. They tumbled to the ground and wrestled while security staff tried to intervene.

The two men were said to have blood coming from their injuries, however they weren't bad enough to require hospital treatment.

TMZ reports they didn't want to press charges against Derulo, however they have 12 months to bring a lawsuit against the singer if they want to.

Jason was allegedly led away in handcuffs and received a trespassing notice from ARIA.

Featured Image Credit: christian_labare8/Instagram

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