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Jim Carrey Posts Hilariously Bizarre Video To Celebrate His 60th Birthday

Jim Carrey Posts Hilariously Bizarre Video To Celebrate His 60th Birthday

The actor actually made a joke about this very video nearly 20 years ago.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Jim Carrey has proved he's still hilarious as he celebrates his 60th birthday.

The brilliant Canadian actor and comedian has uploaded a video to his Twitter account telling his fans that he's '60 and sexy'.

"And tonight, I'm having creamed corn and strained peaches," he added at the end while getting very close to the camera.

The scene mimicked a moment from Ace Ventura when he jumps into the dolphin tank and sniffs around the pool.

His fans have absolutely loved the post, with more than 150,000 people hearting the video in two hours.

Some of his supporters took the opportunity to wish Jim a happy birthday.

One person wrote: "I've always loved that we share a birthday. I loved telling people that I have the same birthday as Jim Carrey and Betty White. Thank you for entertaining me for 30 years."

Another added: "You made a difference in my life Jim, your personality, your charisma, and everything surrounding it You made me laugh when I was crying, you make me feel like a kid again."

A third said: "I remember watching you all the way back when In Living Color was on TV. You've been an admirable performer over the years and a wonderful inspiration to people."

Funnily enough, one fan managed to point out how this isn't the first time Jim Carrey has said 'I'm 60 and I'm sexy'.

During an appearance on The David Letterman Show back in the early 2000s to promote his new movie, Jim said he's like the 'Madonna of comedy'.

He was asked why he had a shaved head at the time and he said he wanted to switch up his look and make sure he stayed fresh in the minds of his fans.

Carrey made the Madonna line and then said: "Always reinventing myself so that someday I can look out at that crowd and go 'I'm 60 and sexy'."

Well, it's been nearly two decades since he made that hilarious joke it looks like he's now able to say it with some confidence.

Featured Image Credit: Jim Carrey/Twitter

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