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Married At First Sight Australia Has Just Started Airing In The US And Americans Are Shocked

Married At First Sight Australia Has Just Started Airing In The US And Americans Are Shocked

Many American viewers have questioned the lack of diversity on the show, with one user writing: “Why is everyone blond and white.”

While Married At First Sight (MAFS) is a massive hit in Australia, it seems the show hasn’t been received well by viewers in the US.

Despite only two episodes airing in America so far, some have already begun criticising the reality series for everything from the excess lip filler of contestants to the thick Australian accents.

However, the most prevalent argument made by Americans was the lack of diversity on the show.

According to the Daily Mail, one viewer wrote online: “Why is everyone blond and white?”

Another commented: “No diversity/inclusion on MAFS Australia. I haven’t watched one season yet because of the lack of diversity. Other people due exist.”

A third said: “Are there no Spanish, black or Asian people in Australia?”

While there were no Black or Spanish contestants on the show, this year included an Asian bride and groom, with Selina Chhaur, who is half-Cambodian and half-Chinese; and Al Perkins, who is half-Malaysian.

However, this isn’t the first time the series has been slammed for its primarily white talent. Last year, many Australians took to Twitter to point out the lack of racial diversity for the 2021 cast.

One user asked: “Is basically every bride and groom... white?”

And different person wrote: "I want real people, like when then they first started MAFS. Not attention seeking wannabe social media influencers!”

While another commented sarcastically: “Wow I just love the diversity you’ve portrayed here.”

Some even pointed out that there was poor representation of the LGBTIQ+ community as well as people with different body types.

Similarly, the show also came under fire for including a rogue storyline on this year’s season after one groom blindsided his bride by telling her he didn’t find her attractive due to her nationality.

The shock revelation came after bride Selina asked her husband Cody Broomley if the lack of interest in her was because of her Asian descent.

To which he responded: “I think it did honestly have something to play on it initially.

“I'm not racist by any means but it's not something I'm familiar with. To be honest… the short answer is it probably did.”

Understandably, many fans were outraged by the groom’s comments.

Bromley later defended his remarks to producers and stated: “Selina's nationality, or ethnicity or however you want to phrase it, is not a big deal.”

Wow…look at you trying to dig yourself out of a very big hole there.

Featured Image Credit: Nine Network

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