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People Reckon Jeff Bezos Looked Like Pitbull On New Year's Eve

People Reckon Jeff Bezos Looked Like Pitbull On New Year's Eve

Mr Worldwide...shipping.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Jeff Bezos ushered in 2022 like loads of other people around the world: by throwing a fun, themed party.

The former boss of Amazon celebrated the end of last year with a lavish soiree with his partner, Lauren Sanchez, and a few friends.

He said it was a 'crazy disco' shindig and he certainly stuck to the theme with love heart glasses, white jeans and a fun party shirt.

"We had so much fun last night celebrating with a crazy disco party with family, but the new year is also a great time to take stock and focus on personal growth, renewal, rebirth, and paying careful attention to each moment of your life.," he wrote on Instagram.

"The good and the bad. All of it. Celebrate and grow."

While his outfit seemed like a smash hit, some people on social media had to do a double-take because they thought it was someone very different.

Loads of Twitter users thought it was Pitbull in the photo and were shocked at the uncanny resemblance between the two.

I mean, it's probably just the shaved head and glasses that they're comparing but it didn't stop loads of people taking to social media to point it out.

Funnily enough, people had to do a double take on social media when they saw Pitbull recently with hair.

We're used to seeing the 40-year-old American rapper - whose real name is Armando Perez - with his signature shaven head, large sunglasses. and sometimes a tiny little tuft of hair on his chin.

But one person decided to give him a little makeover through the modern power of FaceApp, which allows you to digitally alter the appearance of someone in a photograph.

TikTok user @uhumuhhuh shared a video to show off their creations, having used the app to add long hair to Pitbull's head.

"I've been on Pitbull Tok for too long folks," the caption said.

In the clip, they also explained: "I put long hair and beard on Pitbull. I - what the frick."

It seems other social media users are equally as astonished by the transformation, with the video racking up 1.6 million likes and thousands of comments.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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