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Love Island star accused of being a 'catfish' after going out in public with no makeup on

Rachel Lang

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Love Island star accused of being a 'catfish' after going out in public with no makeup on

Love Island UK star Liberty Poole has shared the moment a cruel group of men reduced her to tears in an airport because she - wait for it - dared show her face in public without makeup.

The 23-year old was gearing up for a holiday with a friend when she was confronted by a group of men earlier this month.

The reality star, who rose to fame in 2021 after she appeared on the hit UK show, spoke about the incident on social media.

She claimed she was 'verbally abused', which left her 'feeling like s**t' at Birmingham Airport.


"I literally went no lashes, no foundation, like really stripped back, and like just me,” she told her Instagram followers, as per Seven News.

"I was verbally abused in public, [they were] shouting at me: 'You’ve gone downhill since Love Island, oh my god, you’re such a catfish'."

The Love Island stunner went on to say she had decided to address what happened publicly as she felt something needed to be said about beauty and the impact of social media in the modern age.


"I feel like it’s so important to let people know that with social media, you’re going to post your best pictures but you’re not always going to be glam," she said.

"You’re not always going to be on top form, you do have your down days, look, I’ve got a spot that I’ve not covered up."

She added: "I’m unfiltered. I haven’t fake tanned yet and this is me."


She added: "This is the stripped-back version of me and I’m not ashamed and I’m not going to be made to feel ashamed by people."

After the incident, the reality star said she allowed herself '10 seconds of feeling sad' before choosing to keep calm and carry on.

But she did have a message for those that put her down.

"I just wanted to send that message out because you are beautiful no matter what people say to you," she said.


"Thank you to the people that treated me so negatively because I’m turning that into a positive."

Others took to social media to voice their support for the British beauty.  

One person said: "Sorry you had to deal with those silly boys. They clearly weren’t raised right."

A second added: "So sorry you went through what you did. No one deserves that. They're idiots and you're a phenomenal soul."


While a third piped up with: "You're gorgeous with and without makeup."

So, lads from the Birmingham Airport: if you're reading this, go stand in the corner and have a good think about what you did.

Featured Image Credit: Liberty Poole/Instagram.

Topics: Love Island, TV and Film, UK News

Rachel Lang
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