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What is Martin Lewis' net worth in 2022

What is Martin Lewis' net worth in 2022

Money saving expert Martin Lewis has hit headlines with his depressing cost of living prediction. What is his net worth?

Money saving expert Martin Lewis has warned of a cost of living "catastrophe" as energy bills continue to skyrocket.

The financial journalist has hit headlines after an interview with ITV where the cost of energy is a 'national crisis on the scale of the pandemic'. He added the 'zombie government' need to take action to reduce costs as the financial emergency 'risks lives'.

Lewis, known for founding, rose to fame as a producer for the BBC Business Unit programme and as editor of BBC Radio 4's Today business slot.

What is Martin Lewis’ net worth?

As of 2021, Martin Lewis has an estimated net worth of £123m, according to The Sunday Times Rich List. 

Lewis is most known for the creation of which offers free advice on saving money handling credit cards, mortgages, tax back and more. He made the site in 2003 and eventually sold it in 2012 to the group for about £87m.

The journalist has an impressive education having attended the London School of Economics and then going on to complete a post graduate in broadcast journalism at Cardiff University's Centre for Journalism Studies.

Since 2012, Lewis has host of The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV. He originally presented the show alongside Saira Khan,and now works with Angellica Bell.

Lewis is a respected columnist with a fortnightly column in The Sunday Post and also writes for the The Yorkshire Post and Manchester Evening News. He has previously been a columnist for The Sunday Times, News of the World, The Guardian and the Sunday Express.

Aside from his media presence, he still oversees which bring in about 16 million visitors a month.

Lewis has also frequently donated to charity. When he sold over half his shareholding in in 2015, he gave a £1m to Citizens Advice, £500k to The Trussell Trust and £500k to the Personal Finance Education Group.

The financial guru has a home in London with his wife and daughter. The property includes a studio with lights and cameras set up for his TV appearances.

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