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Matthew McConaughey football movie axed 6 weeks before filming due to start

Matthew McConaughey football movie axed 6 weeks before filming due to start

Dallas Sting was set to tell the real-life underdog story of a youth women's football team.

Matthew McConaughey's upcoming film Dallas Sting, which was set to tell the real-life story of a women’s high school soccer team, has been scrapped six weeks ahead of production. 

It’s giving majooooor Batgirl vibes.

Deadline reported that the upcoming flick intended to follow the story of a youth football team who, in 1984, travelled to China and unexpectedly defeated some of the best women’s sides in the world.

However, production has been abruptly cancelled following 'disturbing allegations surrounding aspects of the true story', according to The Hollywood Reporter

Michael Potts / Alamy Stock Photo

While the specific reasons haven't been disclosed, there surely have to be some serious claims if they led the entire project to be binned.

A misconduct investigation into the allegations is currently underway.

McConaughey was set to star as the team’s real-life coach, Ben Kinder and Emmy-nominated actor Kailin Dever (Booksmartas the coach’s daughter.

Additionally, the actual football players of the team were also set to make their on-screen debut.

Kari Skogland had planned to direct the feature, with Glow creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch writing the script. Skydance and Berlanti Schechter Productions were also set to produce the film.

The US amateur women’s football team was recruited amid US President Ronald Regan’s attempt to strengthen political ties with China. 

China had invited the country to send over its women's national team to compete in the first world championship for soccer. 

However, there was just one major problem; the US didn’t have a female football team to represent them. 

After gruelling tryouts during a nationwide search, it finally led to the emergence of a 19-and-under league of Dallas high school girls who called themselves The Sting.

The team was led by coach Kinder, who had no previous experience coaching.

Yes, the perfect recipe for a Hollywood underdog tale.

However, Kinder was unconventional in his methods, to say the least, as according to Deadline, the coach spent $US 85,000 (AUD $125,971, £73,728) of his money on non-refundable tickets to secure the team airfares to travel to China.

Deadline also reported that in order for the girls to compete Kinder had to obtain a note from a gynaecologist confirming that the women's reproductive organs would not be damaged during the sport.

Wow. Just wow.

It’s a damn shame that this female historic sports flick won’t be gracing the big screen anytime soon. 

But, with a project being scrapped so late there must be a good reason.

So watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: AFF / Alamy Stock Photo. The Dallas Morning News/YouTube.

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