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Monkeys Threaten To Attack Logan Paul And Take His Camera In Crazy Clip

Monkeys Threaten To Attack Logan Paul And Take His Camera In Crazy Clip

Logan Paul shared the clip of the monkey invasion on Twitter with the caption: "WTF just happened?"

During a recent trip to South Africa, Logan Paul was harassed by two huge monkeys who tried to steal his expensive camera equipment. Watch the chaotic moment below:

The 26-year-old is in Cape Town at the moment seemingly filming some footage for one of his channels and he managed to capture his wild encounter with the native monkeys on camera.

The two humongous baboons approached him and his team while they were filming and amid the curiosity, one of them was seen deciding to help themselves to one of the crew's expensive filming equipment.

One of the primates then startled the YouTuber by jumping from car to car to intimidate him.


In the viral clip, you can hear Paul shouting: "What do I do?

"Not the camera! What do I do? He's got the camera."

An understandably nervous Paul then asks: "Is he grabbing my s**t?"

As the monkey reaches for KSI and Paul's new PRIME energy drink, the cameraman hilariously replies: "Yeah, he's got your camera.

"He's got PRIME. The monkey has PRIME!"


After running its hands through the bag, the baboon runs off with a red 'fruity punch' bottle of the drink.

In recent months, both Logan and KSI have been teasing fans with what many thought was a round three boxing bout between the two.

The first fight was ended via a draw and their last fight, in 2019, saw Paul defeated.

Anyway, Logan explained how 2022 was the 'year of love' and they wanted to put their differences aside and do something together. 

So instead of belting the cr*p out of each other in a ring, they have launched a drinks company. 

YouTube/Logan Paul

The YouTubers hope to create a sports drink that will rival the likes of Red Bull, Powerade and Gatorade. 

Logan said he got into the science of sports drinks during his training for the Floyd Mayweather bout and that inspired him to make one of his own to mass produce across North America.

While promoting their new drinks brand at Walmart, Paul praised his former opponent and finally accepted his defeat. 

He said: "I love you for real and I don't feel like fighting again. That second fight I think you won fair and square.

"I said I think you won so congratulations man, we have been divided in the past but it's done.

"The division is over, 2022 is the year of love and we have come together to announce possibly the biggest thing we will ever build."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@LoganPaul

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