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MrBeast shows what a one million dollar a night hotel looks like

MrBeast shows what a one million dollar a night hotel looks like

MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, took his crew to a $1 million-a-night hotel in Huntington, New York, for his latest video

YouTuber MrBeast has shown fans what a stay in a $1 million-a-night hotel looks like, having taken his crew to a gigantic castle to be given the all-star treatment.

MrBeast (aka Jimmy Donaldson) is known for splurging out the big bucks for his YouTube videos, whether it’s giving out cold-hard cash to unsuspecting strangers or spending $3.5 million on a Squid Game experience with a $456,000 prize.


For his latest stunt, he whisked his team off to a bunch of different hotels across the world, each ranging in price.

They worked their way from a bargain stay in India right through to a huge castle - which cost significantly more.

He explains in the video: “I rented a $1 million-a-night hotel room, and I also rented this $1,000-a-night cave, this $10,000-a-night underwater palace, this $50,000-a-night island and so much more.

“And we’re going to spend the night in all of them, starting at the world’s cheapest hotel, all the way in India.”

The final location was Oheka Castle Hotel and Estate in Huntington, New York, which offers a glitzy million-dollar package.

According to its website, this includes exclusive access to the castle, 10 guest rooms, a professional event planner and designer, complementary round-trip transfers, professional photography, a champagne and pastry welcome, a personal concierge for each guest, credit towards the bar and restaurant, a ‘customised dinner experience’ with entertainment, a professional sommelier, a sky elements drone show or firework display, late night food trucks, a pool, 24/7 gym access, in-room spa services and a private security team.

Everyone was given their own butler.

“As soon as we walked in, they gave us each our very own butler,” MrBeast says, before we see the group enjoying everything from horse riding and a break dance performance through to golf on a course where membership costs $57,000 a year.

Dinner at the castle.
Some of the group went horse riding.

They also had access to a fleet of supercars – taking one worth $300,000 out for a spin to the local McDonald’s.

MrBeast even brought along some subscribers to join in on the fun, telling the camera: “Since you guys are the reason we’re able to afford this castle for the night, we invited four random subscribers to hang out with us.”

They went for a spin in a $300,000 car.

Before the video was released, MrBeast discussed the idea in an episode of the TMG Podcast with Cody Ko and Noel Miller, explaining how he’d wanted to compare hotels ranging in price from $1 to $1 million.


Cody Ko asked his guest if there was a particular concept he wanted to try, but after drawing a blank, MrBeast answered with something the team had just finished shooting instead – admitting it was an ‘wildly expensive’ video.

“In a video we just filmed, I started at the cheapest hotel we could find and went up to the most expensive hotel,” he said.

“So a $1 hotel all the way up to a $1 million hotel. That video was wildly expensive.”

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast/YouTube

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