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Looks Like Mel B Might Have Been The Spice Girl Who Got With Justin Timberlake

Looks Like Mel B Might Have Been The Spice Girl Who Got With Justin Timberlake

Who would have thought it, eh?

So, you may have heard that Justin Timberlake recently admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he may have gone to bed with one of the Spice Girls. Well, Mel B might have accidentally revealed which one on Loose Women earlier today. Watch in the video below...

During a game of 'Never Have I Ever' involving JT and the rest of the *NSync gang, Ellen offered the suggestion: "Never have I ever... hooked up with a Spice Girl."

Obviously, four of the other band members admitted that no, they had not. However, a sheepish-looking Justin was eventually forced to admit that he, in fact, had.

That set the Internet's pulse racing. Which one would it be? Which one COULD it be? We had to know.

Well, while most of the smart betting early on suggested that it would be Emma Bunton - don't ask why, everyone just seemed to think so, for some reason - we might now have an answer to the question.


On Loose Women today the chat turned to JT's confession and luckily for them, they had a Spice Girl present to ask the question to - Mel B.

They were playing a game (that was obviously NOT set up just for this one question) in which the panel asked questions, and Mel B answered them by holding up a paddle with one of the girls' faces on it.

I think we can work out where this is going, right?

Ruth Langford just got right to the point and asked her. She said: "Which Spice Girl snogged Justin Timberlake?"

Mel then knew that she was resigned to her fate, looked very sheepish, and grabbed all of the paddles and showed them off in a frenzy.

Her strange and flustered reaction seems to imply that it was her that hooked up with the man who has occasionally been known as Justin Trousersnake.


Admittedly, it's not positive confirmation, but Mel B has never been shy of telling us what she really feels, right?

If it was one of the others she might have found it fun to throw them underneath the bus on live TV.

The Spice Girls have been widely rumoured to be reforming this year for a world tour, with only Victoria Beckham thought to be unsure about the reunion.

Surely, it's a no brainer - think of the kind of cash that they could make for playing only one show, let alone a whole tour of the world. Tickets would sell out in seconds.

They last reformed for a one-off show at the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony and were also spotted together at the launch of their musical Viva Forever.

However, last November the rumour mill hit hyperdrive after it was reported that a 2018 tour could be on the cards.

There could even be an album on the cards - we'll see.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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