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Adele announces she’s drinking again after admitting to being ‘borderline alcoholic’

Adele announces she’s drinking again after admitting to being ‘borderline alcoholic’

The 35-year-old singer took a break from drinking during her Las Vegas residency

Adele has revealed that she plans to start drinking again now that the second leg of her Las Vegas residency is drawing to a close - after saying earlier this year she was a ‘borderline alcoholic’.

The British star told fans at one of her shows at The Colosseum Caesar Palace in Las Vegas earlier this year that she had paused her drinking for now, but ‘misses’ it all the time.

Adele told the crowd: “I stopped drinking maybe like three and a half months ago. It's boring. I mean, I was literally borderline alcoholic for quite a lot of my twenties, but I miss it so much. I cut out caffeine.”

And now it seems the self-imposed ban is coming to an end pretty soon, with the 35-year-old singer admitting that she splashed out on a fancy bottle of red wine for herself to mark the break in her residency.

However, she also shared that she’s been feeling under the weather, meaning she won’t be knocking back the vino just yet.

She told the crowd: "I'm just going to chill. I'm annoyed as well that I'm sick because this is red wine weather.

"I stopped drinking, but obviously now I'm ready to start again because it is my break.

Grammy-award winner Adele said she had taken a break from drinking earlier this year.
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

"And I can't drink red wine ever when I'm singing because I don't know about you, but red wine f***s me up. I cannot handle it.

I'm a white wine girl, but not straight.

"I'm 35 going on 85. I have to have half and half. Half sparkling water and half white wine with ice.

"And I still get f****d. But a glass of red wine tips me over the edge.

"I have the worst hangover, my whole mouth and tongue turns red.

"I look like a disaster and it just gets rid of my voice.

"So I was planning on drinking a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape this week, but now I can't because I am sick."

Adele has said she’s ‘ready to start’ drinking again.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

After complaining about having a sore throat and chest, she added: “I bought a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, a couple of weeks ago to treat myself, but I'll have to save that for Thanksgiving. I guess that's what I'm going to do then."

Earlier this year, Adele admitted during another one of her Las Vegas concerts that she once drank four bottles of wine before lunch.

"I remember when I came here in Covid-19, in lockdown, it was 11 am and I was definitely like four bottles of wine in – like we all were,” she told the crowd.

"I said in 2020 that I wanted to put my album out. And we were all at home just drunk basically."

Featured Image Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

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