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DJ Michael Bibi updates fans as he starts 'final battle' of rare cancer treatment

DJ Michael Bibi updates fans as he starts 'final battle' of rare cancer treatment

The DJ and producer was diagnosed with a rare form of brain and spinal cancer earlier this year

DJ Michael Bibi has given his fans an update on his battle with cancer as he returns to hospital to begin the 'last phase of treatment.'

The DJ and producer was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma, a rare type of brain and spinal cancer, back in June.

At the time, he wrote: "Hello world, writing this post is a hard one.. last week I was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma. A very rare cancer that affects the brain & spine.

"Unfortunately it's moving fast & l to have to stay in hospital starting treatment immediately.

"Typing this message doesn't quite seem real & I'm sorry for the bad news. I don't know what lies ahead, I'm tired but I know I am strong & I won't let this beat me."

DJ Michael Bibi has updated fans on his health as he returns to hospital for treatment.

The DJ subsequently cancelled all live shows he had planned for the summer, but returned in September at the Solid Grooves closing party at Ibiza's DC-10 club.

Now, posting to Instagram from his hospital bed, the 32-year-old revealed that he's returned to hospital for bone marrow and stem cell transplants.

Alongside a picture of him lying in bed smiling, the musician wrote: "The final battle. After many months of fighting, today I start the last phase of my treatment by having a bone marrow/stem cell transplant.

"If all goes well this will be the final yet toughest part of my journey. It will hit me hard & could take months of recovery but the end goal is being 100% cancer free…"

Michael continued: "I pray everyday that all goes smoothly & I will be out of hospital with you all again soon.

"Wish me luck & see you on the other side."

The musician was diagnosed with a rare form of brain and spinal cancer earlier this year.

The post's comment section was inundated with support and love from people in the music industry and fans.

DJ Serge Devant wrote: "It will be all fine at the end. All the struggle will be worth it once you heal for good. Stay positive brother, you have so much love and positive energy around you to help you through this. You got this."

Music group, ANOTR, added: "We'll be praying for your recovery brother."

And, SUNWAVES Festival commented: "We believe in the success of your treatment. Keeping you in our prayers, the whole world is behind you!

"You are an inspiration not only to everyone in the industry, but each person on the dance floor too. You have the biggest support system on the planet, take your time to be at your 100% cause we're right here patiently waiting for your full recovery.

"Nothing but love, Michael!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@michael_bibi_

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