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Busker who had people 'cringing' after approaching Dua Lipa at Glasto shares awkward video of what happened next

Busker who had people 'cringing' after approaching Dua Lipa at Glasto shares awkward video of what happened next

One Dua Lipa fan said her 'eyes are desperate for escape' during the awkward Glastonbury interaction

The busker who left people ‘cringing’ after they approached Dua Lipa at Glastonbury has shared an awkward video of what happened next.

Yep, after the pop icon headlined the Pyramid Stage on Friday (28 June) she decided to stay and enjoy her weekend at the legendary festival.

Only, some of that weekend was taken up by people coming over to sing to her. I mean, give the gal a break, it’s Glastonbury for goodness’ sake.

But then again, you’ve got to shoot your shot, I guess. And that’s what this lad did as he asked Dua if she could spare some time to listen to his music.

Of course, this has already led to a hugely viral clip as the ‘Houdini’ singer’s reaction has quickly been turned into a GIF – she arguably looked a little like she wanted to escape herself.

The people's princess? (X/@LiamCmusic_)
The people's princess? (X/@LiamCmusic_)

Musician Liam C. told her he’d watched her Camden documentary on Disney+ and said that he’s currently ‘busking around’ the London borough.

“I wanted to play you 30 seconds of my song and if you like it, I just want to get your reaction,” he said. And well, a reaction he got.

The star respectfully stood and let the lad ‘perform’ but her face said 1000 words as she nodded along, let out some awkward laughs and darted her eyes around.

Sticking to those 30 seconds, Dua swiftly began to walk away as she said: “I love it mate. It’s so good.”

But not long after his viral run-in with the ‘New Rules’ star, Glasto's own rules caught up with Liam.

He claims he 'blagged' his way in. (X/@LiamCmusic_)
He claims he 'blagged' his way in. (X/@LiamCmusic_)

The busker took to X to say his time at Glastonbury was ‘crazy’ and claimed: “I blagged it in to promote myself. I had no other way of getting in and chasing my dreams than to sneak in and do it the hard way.”

A video then seems to show the lad being removed from Worthy Farm with his pal by security as he said he was there to ‘play some music to the people’.

You know, at a place where people have payed a fee to see plenty of artists play music.

“I’m not doing anything wrong, I’ve not done anything to harm anyone, I’m so sorry,” he says in the video.

Despite making these statements, Liam seems to be pretty friendly with security as his viral fame has made him a bit of a name.

Well, it’s not every day you get to meet Dua I guess. And it’s certainly not an interaction he’s going to forget.

LADbible has contacted Glastonbury for comment.

Featured Image Credit: X / @LiamCmusic_

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