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Netflix viewers point out two words missing from Ricky Gervais’ special amid backlash over show

Netflix viewers point out two words missing from Ricky Gervais’ special amid backlash over show

Armageddon is now streaming on Netflix

Netflix viewers have pointed out two key words missing from Ricky Gervais’ special amid backlash over the show.

The comedian’s stand-up show launched on the streaming site on Christmas Day after a load of controversy in the run-up to its release.

GervaisNetflix special Armageddon sparked backlash online for various reasons, with one being his ‘Make-A-Wish joke’.

During the stand-up act, the Derek star did a skit about being busy making videos for terminally ill kids as part of the foundation, adding he only makes the little clips if the children ask for them – rather than him ‘bursting into hospitals and going wake up baldy’.

Gervais adds how he always starts the videos to sick youngsters, with the question: "Why didn't you wish to get better?"

The 62-year-old clarifies he was definitely joking and didn’t use the same language in his jokes as he would in real life.

Ricky Gervais' new stand-up special dropped on Christmas Day.
Matt Crockett/Netflix

However, X users have spotted that words you’d typically use to describe a stand-up show have been left out of a description of Armageddon.

One user shared a snap of a listing for Gervais’ Netflix special in a TV magazine, which seems to make a subtle dig about the celebrity.

The listing reads: “Look out! Get ready to be deeply offended, because Ricky Gervais is back with another controversial stand-up special. Based around musings on the end of humanity and filmed earlier this year, the new set takes aim at political correctness and audiences' oversensitivity to what kind of jokes are acceptable.

"The fearless taboo-busting might be a bit much for your comfy family Christmas Day you have been warned!”

The TV magazine's listing of Gervais' show was missing certain words.

Yep, you might notice that neither ‘comedy’ or the word ‘funny’ is even used to describe the very thing that is supposed to be a comedy act and therefore, funny.

One user pointed out: “Quite noticeable how at no point does this say it’s in any way actually funny.”

And another put: “Got to love a recommendation for a stand-up show that includes neither the word ‘comedy’ or ‘funny’.

What I really want from a stand-up show is something that even people who enjoyed it won’t actually say made them laugh.”

Armageddon has received mixed reviews so far.
Matt Crockett/Netflix

As others said: “Dying at this blurb which was obviously written by someone trying to suppress a deep hatred for Gervais.”

And another just asked: “When did ‘funny’ stop being a selling point for these things?”

However, many viewers have called it ‘very funny’ and ‘the best one yet’.

Well, if you want to watch it, Armageddon is now streaming on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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