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Netflix’s Aussie Docu-Soap Byron Baes Is Sure To Be Your Next Binge Obsession

Netflix’s Aussie Docu-Soap Byron Baes Is Sure To Be Your Next Binge Obsession

Charge your crystals and get the popcorn ready because this is set to be dramatic.

Netflix is bringing the addictive drama to Byron Bay with its new docu-soap series. 

Byron Baes will no doubt be the talking point for every Aussie at bottomless brunch as it drops on the streaming service today (March 9). 

The show will follow the lives of Jade and Sarah as they move to one of Australia’s most recognisable hotspots. They both have intriguing pasts, however they will be confronted with a completely new world when they take up residence alongside the ‘trendy hustlers’ and the ‘spiritual souls’. 

Netflix has revealed the official synopsis for the show and, look, it sounds brilliantly dramatic and bingeable. 

“Entrepreneurs, influencers, musicians, designers and artists flock to the Australian beach town of Byron Bay,” the synopsis reads. 

“It's a creative hot spot, full of promise — and so much drama. They come for the dreamy beaches, the beautiful sunsets and the high-impact connections, but it can be brutal — and the gossip can be fierce — if you're from out of town and trying to break into this close-knit community of locals.”

I’m getting strong Selling Sunset energy mixed in with some bohemian vibes and Aussie accents. 

Jade is described as ‘Australia’s most followed male Instagrammer’ who has been living up the social influencer life ever since he got that coveted ‘K’ added to his follower count. 

However, behind every glamorous and carefully curated shot there lies a deeper personal story. Jade feels like he doesn’t have any real, genuine friends and so he packs his bags and heads to the chilled lights of Bryon Bay. 

While he befriends some people in the town, one person goes snooping to see whether his huge social media following is all it's cracked up to be. 


Sarah on the other hand is a singer-songwriter and she decided to move from the Gold Coast to Byron to see whether she can make a name for herself amongst the other incredibly talented creatives. 

While music was certainly on her mind, Netflix’s synopsis reveals she gets caught up in not one but two love triangles, which sparks waves of ‘betrayal, jealousy, and drama in this tight-knit community’.

Byron Baes is perfect for those who are absolutely obsessed with reality TV shows as well as those who enjoy a bit of drama on the telly. 

If this sounds up your alley then prepare the popcorn, brew that chai mocha latte and prepare to be wowed by Byron Baes. It drops today (March 9) only on Netflix. 

We’ll be getting eight 40-minute episodes to soak up in the first season so get ready to dive in. 

Featured Image Credit: Netflix