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Library Creates Virtual Harry Potter-Themed Escape Room

Library Creates Virtual Harry Potter-Themed Escape Room

The game, which was built by Youth Services Librarian Sydney Krawiec, can be completed online as a group or as an individual

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A public library in America has created a virtual escape room - and not just any virtual escape room, but one that's inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter.

While many public spaces remain closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some have decided to get creative to ensure they're still engaging with their visitors, albeit digitally, from virtual zoo tours through to live streamed theatre performances.

The Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, Pennsylvania, has followed suit, having realised it doesn't need to be open to help book lovers enjoy the world of literature.

While escape rooms usually involved a physical setting, in which you have to complete a series of tasks in order to successfully get out, the Harry Potter-themed version from the Peters Township Public Library is all digital, meaning you can play along online.

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The game, which was built by Youth Services Librarian Sydney Krawiec, can be completed as a group or as an individual.

The website says: "You can compete against friends and try it multiple times. Just make sure you have fun!"

The library also advises that if you're accessing the escape room through a social media app, it's a good idea to open it up in a separate web browser so you don't lose progress when clicking on necessary links.

The escape room sets you up as a student starting first year at Hogwarts, where you're roped into a 'fun team building activity' that's popular with muggles.

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The game begins: "The house prefect announces that you have a fun team building activity to complete before you get too settled into your new digs.

"The house prefect tells you about a new muggle trend where they lock themselves in rooms and have to answer puzzles to get out - no magic at all!"

Of course, we won't ruin what happens for you, but all you need to know is that you won't need to activate any magical spells to get through.

Peters Township Public Library has also been running various other activities via its Facebook page, including virtual poetry readings and a recent Star Wars trivia night, which was streamed on Facebook Live last Thursday.

The powers of technology, eh? And Harry Potter, of course.

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