LADbible Original Video: Agree To Disagree

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LADbible Original Video: Agree To Disagree

Our new 'Agree To Disagree' series launches on Wednesday, 23rd October at 8PM BST as we bring together two people from different sides of an argument to talk it out over a beer.

You can check out the first episode of this LADbible Original video series on Facebook, IGTV and YouTube but first things first, have a look at the trailer!



The world is a divisive place at the minute. From politics and climate change, to music and television, everyone has an opinion on everything.

And if you don't share someone's view, they can take it really personally. Tempers flare, emotions are heightened.

You only have to scroll through Twitter for five seconds to get a feel for how heated conversations can get between two people who have wildly different opinions on something.

But it's easy to become a bit of a keyboard warrior when you're hidden behind a screen.


What happens when you come face-to-face with someone who completely disagrees with you on a certain topic?

'Agree To Disagree' discovers if it's possible to have opposing views but still get on over a drink. Here's how it works.

Two people will sit either side of a table divided into two sections: agree or disagree. Focusing on a particular subject, the two people will debate areas of the topic and as the conversation progresses, we get to hear their opinions.

At the end of the discussion, we ask: would you stay for another drink with the person opposite you?


The first episode, which will be available on Wednesday 23rd October, will focus on the very divisive topic of, you guessed it, Brexit.

Discussing Brexit will be young student Emily Hewertson (@emilyhewertson), who comes from a politically left leaning family and is pro-Brexit.

On the other side of the table will be Femi Oluwole (@Femi_Sorry), a British activist and co-founder of the pro-European Union advocacy group, Our Future Our Choice. Will they agree to disagree?

Upcoming episodes will be released weekly and will cover themes such as animal rights, drug legalisation, crime and workers' rights.


People featured in the series will include a reformed British criminal who has committed more than 200 bank robberies in his lifetime; a former Metropolitan Police Service Senior Investigating Officer; pensioners who are strong advocates for drug legalisation and "Britain's last lion tamer", who is a descendent from a 300-year-old line of Chipperfield circus performers.

The series promises to be full of heated debates and contrasting views. But will they be able to get along? You'll have to watch to find out.

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