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Ralph Macchio hints Cobra Kai success could lead to Mr Miyagi origin story

Ralph Macchio hints Cobra Kai success could lead to Mr Miyagi origin story

The Karate Kid himself Ralph Macchio has hinted that a new show about Mr Miyagi could be in the works

Ralph Macchio - the original Karate Kid himself – has hinted that there might be an origin story in the works about none other than Mr Miyagi. Here's the trailer for the original, in case you need a refresher.

Following the success of Cobra Kai, there is definitely an appetite for more shows from within the Karate Kid universe that Macchio helped to create.

Macchio, who is 60 years old now but doesn’t look a day over 40 somehow, recently wrote a memoir and has been discussing all things from the Cobra Kai and Karate Kid world.

In the last episode of the new Netflix show, everything was left up in the air.

We won’t spoil it for you here, even though you’ve had plenty of opportunity to watch it, but Macchio thinks that a show about his on-screen mentor and all-around legendary film character Mr Miyagi is already starting to take shape.

Daniel in The Karate Kid.
Columbia Pictures

In fact, he told the Hollywood Reporter that ‘they are working on it’.

Whoever they are, it’s exciting news, right?

‘They’ in this instance could be the lads behind Cobra Kai, which is to say Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald and Hayden Schlossberg, or it could be the whispers that have pervaded about a Sony movie in recent times, though it’s not clear whether that would exist in the same world.

Still, this is a piece of fairly wild speculation, backed up by the fact that Macchio seems very confident that something is going to happen regarding the Miyagi-verse, to coin a term.

Will we find out Mr Miyagi's backstory?
Columbia Pictures

Speaking with THR, he stated: “Yes, they are working on it. It’s in the discussion stages. “Cobra Kai does such a good job of unveiling all the layers of these characters and exploring where they came from, their pasts and their backstories.

“And if you go on Twitter or social media, people ask about Miyagi, who, in essence, is the secret sauce of the film because of the character and [Pat Morita’s] performance.

“Who was that guy? What was he like as a teenager?

“What was he like when he first came to the United States? Who was he when he went to World War II? What happened after he loses his wife and child in the internment camps?

“How does this guy come from Okinawa to a place where he was working as a maintenance guy at an apartment building?

“What’s that full story? So, yeah, there are discussions, but that’s all I have.”

Cobra Kai has also been a huge hit.

Well, if that’s all he has then it’s all we have to go off, but it’s a positive piece of news for anyone keen to hear more about how one of cinema’s most iconic characters came to be.

Cobra Kai is still available to watch on Netflix, if you haven't already.

Featured Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

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