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Ready for Succession S4? Here Are 5 Reasons Why It Is A MUST Watch

Sponsored by NOW
Sponsored by NOW
Ready for Succession S4? Here Are 5 Reasons Why It Is A MUST Watch

Ready for Succession S4? Here are 5 reasons why it is a MUST WATCH

It’s been a long two years since the epic finale of the third season of Succession, but Logan Roy is finally back on our screens alongside the rest of his dysfunctional family. You can stream the final season every Monday with a NOW Entertainment Membership.

We’ve put together a little list of reasons why there should be no debate about what is going on the telly every Monday night.

For even more Roy family fighting

We’ve already seen how unstoppable a force Logan Roy is, but his children didn’t fall far from the tree. Each of them would be willing to go to extreme lengths to get what they want, and putting two or more of them into the same room is a sure-fire recipe for disaster (and award-winning TV drama).

They’re not exactly role models, but boy are they entertaining to watch. Scenes like the Italian showdown at the end of last season are what make us want to tune in, and seeing them all take turns stabbing each other in the back results in consistently top-drawer telly.

To watch Logan’s paternal nature

Speaking of role models, Logan Roy could write one hell of a book on how to give your children moral support. It wouldn’t exactly be any help for anyone looking to actually make their children feel good about themselves, but at least it would be a good read.

If you can give him anything when it comes to parenting skills, he doesn’t exactly beat around the bush. It’s hard to know if Logan even understands what sugar-coating means, let alone feel the need to actually soften a blow.

To be forever surprised by how low Roman can stoop

Some characters should come with a disclaimer that using them as role models is not only ill advised, but is downright insanity. No one with the surname of Roy has ever really been squeaky clean in Succession, but Kieran Culkin’s Roman tends to take things to whole new depths.

The youngest Roy son has always been a bit of a livewire, but the end of season 3 saw him do something he was never able to do before. He finally stood up to his father in a real way, so who knows how much more despicable he’s going to be this season.

To see Tom being the Roy family’s punching bag

If you want to see a good example of how ruthless Tom can be, watch the end of season 3. If you want to see a good example of how little the Roy children care, tune in to pretty much any episode before that.

Tom has always been the family punching bag. If they aren’t throwing digs at him or insulting his ability to roll with the big boys, they are just outright ignoring him.

The question is though, how will things go down in season 4?

To see if the Roy Children actually come together

It’s already been mentioned that Kendall, Shiv and Roman have finally come together, but what will be their next move? The rug was pulled out from under them with the betrayal sale of Waystar Royco to tech CEO Lukas Mattson, but it’s not a stretch to say that the three siblings putting their heads together will be enough to make at least a bit of noise.

They are wounded and estranged from Logan, but not out for the count just yet. Season 4 starts with them plotting together in Los Angeles, and us mere mortals can only guess what kind of schemes they can cook up when they actually work together.

Don’t miss the final season of Succession, with new episodes every Monday on NOW. If you need a refresher, or have some catching up to do, you’ll be glad to know that seasons 1-3 are all also available with a NOW Entertainment Membership.

Featured Image Credit: NOW

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Shane Winckworth
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