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Ryan Murphy reveals the original Glee script had Mr Schue as a crystal meth addict

Ryan Murphy reveals the original Glee script had Mr Schue as a crystal meth addict

Well, that would have been way more interesting.

The hit musical show Glee could have been a very different series.

Creator Ryan Murphy sat down with Glee stars Kevin McHale, who played Artie Abrams, and Jenna Ushkowitz, who played Tina Cohen-Chang, for the first episode of their new podcast And That's What You REALLY Missed to reveal that the affable character of Mr. William 'Schue' Schuester, was originally going to be addicted to crystal meth.

"We were having these conversations and I was trying to figure it out,” Murphy said as per Insider.

Pictured top L-R: Jenna Ushkowitz, Chord Overstreet, Darren Criss, Melissa Benoist, Jacob Artist, Naya Rivera and Alex Newell. Bottom L-R: Blake Jenner, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Becca Tobin and Kevin McHale.

"Like serendipity, I went to the gym and I was in a towel and a guy went up and handed me a script and he said, 'I had a feeling you were in show choir, am I right?' And I was like 'Yeah'. And he said, 'My friend wrote this script and you should read it'."

Obviously, the Glee showrunner agreed to read the script and thought it had something... but it was just too dark.

Like way too dark, with Mr Schue being a raving meth head.

"Mr. Schue, I believe, was a crystal meth addict in [the original] script," Murphy said.

"The NC-17 version of show choir with a weird protagonist who was unraveling."

NC-17 is the highest rating in the Motion Picture Association film rating system used for movies distributed in the United States.

Murphy added that the show needed something more 'optimistic'.

The showrunner agreed to work with the script and transformed it into the show that fans know today.

But that wasn't the only interesting tidbit that the co-creator dropped on McHale and Ushkowitz's podcast.

Matthew Morrison in Glee.

He told his two former cast members that Mr Schue was written for Justin Timberlake.

"When we were writing the pilot, I’ve never really talked about this, that pilot was written for Justin Timberlake," Murphy revealed, as per Insider.

He then rammed the point home and added: "Mr Schue was written for Justin."

Well, just like the character having an addiction to a Class A substance, that didn't go ahead either.

The character of Mr Schue, a Spanish teacher who forms a show choir in his school, went to Matthew Morrison instead.

So, let's take a moment to dream about what could have been.

That version of Glee would have been totally bonkers, even more so than what audiences actually got.

The second half of Ryan Murphy's interview on And That's What You REALLY Missed will air in the podcast's second episode.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Television/Fox.

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