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Ryan Reynolds expected to hire his Wrexham team to star in Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds expected to hire his Wrexham team to star in Deadpool 3

It's likely the several Wrexham players will appear in the MCU film

They may be a bit more used to being in front of the camera after their Disney+ documentary, but Wrexham FC is set to have even more screen time in the coming months.

Having bought the club during the pandemic, actor Ryan Reynolds looks set to cast several members of his team in the third Deadpool film.

Surprisingly enough, Ben Foster has already appeared in the MCU.

Sadly though, it is not the Wrexham FC wonder.

In a strange twist of fate, an American actor with the same name appeared in an early X Men film, 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand.

Even more bizarre is the fact that Foster also starred with Hugh Jackman, who will be reprising his role as Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

However, the professional footballer Foster may finally get his chance to join the MCU as filming is set to begin later this month at Pinewood Studios.

Ben Foster may get to star in the highly anticipated film.
Philip Bryan / Alamy Stock Photo

Although cameos from the team have yet to be confirmed, it’s thought that Paul Mullin will also make an appearance after his incredible performance on the pitch this year.

If they do make it into the highly-anticipated Marvel film, they will star alongside Reynolds as the motor-mouthed Deadpool and Hugh Jackman

Though Deadpool 3 won’t hit cinemas until next year, fans are already hyped for the MCU movie thanks to Reynolds and Jackman’s constant banter over their training regime.

Wrexham FC’s executive director has also teased fans, with Humphrey Ker admitting he’d be ‘quite surprised’ if the team didn’t appear in the upcoming film.

The club exec continued, saying that Reynolds was good at combining his Hollywood career with his newly-acquired side.

Ker told press: “Ryan is very good at you know, layering through all his part elements of his life and his career and everything, they all interconnect in all sorts of different ways.”

“I'm sure they'll be, who knows, Paul Mullin to play an X-Man?" he then joked

The sporting series has been renewed for a second season.

For now though, fans of the A-List actor and his small Welsh side will have make do with the upcoming season of Welcome to Wrexham.

The Disney+ documentary has been renewed for a second season and will focus on the club’s incredible season, which resulted in Wrexham being promoted.

Whilst no release date has been confirmed, it’s thought that the docu-series will be available to stream towards the end of this year and feature even more famous faces.

Come on you Reds!

Featured Image Credit: Philip Bryan / Alamy Stock Photo Marvel

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