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What Is Sarah Beeny’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Sarah Beeny’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Sarah Beeny’s Net Worth In 2022?

British broadcaster Sarah Beeny has had a rocky week as viewers of her latest show Little House, Big Plans were left puzzled and frustrated after many of the houses were much larger than expected

An exclusive to Channel 4, the show sees Beeny enter homes of the public as they’re renovated to make the small look spacious.

Despite its titular premise, that little houses will be the subject of Sarah’s scrutiny, the show is reportedly looking at properties valued around £1.5 Million, leaving some viewers to share their bafflement on twitter.

Despite this hiccup, Beeny has had an amazing 21-year run on our screens, but what is she worth?

What Is Sarah Beeny’s Net Worth?

According to Somerset Live, Sarah Beeny’s current net worth stands around $3 Million. 

She first entered the world of TV renovation as a presenter for the long-running Channel 4 series Property Ladder in 2001. The show’s success brought on a number of further opportunities, including a presenter gig on One year to pay off your Mortgage in 2006, as well as a number of book deals and a regular column with the Mail on Sunday.

She first penned a series to accompany the success of Property Ladder from 2003 to 2009, before moving onto stand-alone titles such as Sarah Beeny’s 100 DIY Jobs (2014), and the somewhat off-kiltered A Date with Sarah Beeny:'s Guide to Dating and Dumping, Flirting and Flings, published by Harper in 2007.

Her other credits include Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare (2010), Double your House for Half the Money (2012), and Sarah Beeny’s How to Sell your Home (2014). 

When she’s not renovating unwilling houses before the camera, Beeny lives at home in Somerset with her husband Graham Swift and their four sons.

Their move to the country was documented in the 2020 programme New Life in the Country, where viewers are taken to the heart of their ex-dairy farm residence as they rebuilt the property.

Her four sons – Charlie, Rafferty, Billy and Laurie – make up the indie-rock band ‘The Entitled Sons’, who in January 2022 made it to number 32 on the iTunes chart with their single ‘Break’.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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