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Sarah Paulson Pays Tribute To Girlfriend Holland Taylor On Her 79th Birthday

Sarah Paulson Pays Tribute To Girlfriend Holland Taylor On Her 79th Birthday

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor have been together for years, and the American Horror Story star paid tribute to Taylor on her birthday

Sarah Paulson shared a touching tribute to her girlfriend and partner Holland Taylor on her 79th birthday yesterday (14 January).

The 47-year-old star of American Horror Story and Ratched – amongst others – is obviously completely loved-up with Taylor, who herself is a star of screen having appeared in Two and a Half Men and All My Children.

On her Instagram account, she shared a lovely picture of Taylor with the caption: “Love of my life. The one. The only one.

“January 14th is my favorite [sic] day of the year- a day to unabashedly celebrate you @hollandvtaylor I am the luckiest of the lucky.

“I love you only. Happy Birthday magical poet darling.”

Paulson paid tribute to Holland Taylor on Instagram.

The pair have been together since 2015, and their relationship became a subject of tabloid interest at the beginning as it was the first time Taylor had openly been in a relationship with a woman.

In an interview with The Advocate podcast, Holland said: “The relationship was with Sarah became so public because she's an enormous star and I was somewhat well-known.

“It became a news event and so I wasn't going to deny it. Well, I'm a very private person, just generally. I would be no matter what my life was, but I was not private in the sense of hiding. I lived my life in public,

“I think I was about 29 or 30 when I had my first relationship with a woman, but I didn't talk about it per se.

“It would never have occurred to me to talk about my personal life in an interview anyway.”

Paulson herself has spoken out in the past about the ‘cruel’ comments that some have made about the gap in age between the two.

Sarah Paulson.

Taylor is more than three decades older than Paulson, and that has attracted a fair bit of negative attention.

Speaking to The Guardian in 2020, Paulson said: "I don't remember people going nuts about Michael Douglas and Catherine-Zeta Jones, in terms of their age difference.

"For me, that seems to be the predominant interest in my relationship with Holland, what would be perceived by some as the strangeness of it, or the unlikelihood of it. I think people are fascinated by it, because it's so not typical.

"Except for if you look around at plenty of well-known or recognisable couples, when they're heterosexual couples, it just runs rampant, and I don't see anybody becoming obsessed by those relationships."

Still, they’re obviously very happy together, so it’s better just to let them be so.

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