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Scotty T admits women had to get interviewed for 30 minutes before going back to the Geordie Shore house with him

Scotty T admits women had to get interviewed for 30 minutes before going back to the Geordie Shore house with him

Scotty T and the Geordie Shore crew had to jump through hoops if they wanted to bring someone back to the shared house

Scotty T from MTV’s popular ‘reality’ show Geordie Shore has revealed the lengths that they’d have to go to in order to get girls back to their house.

Check out the video and see what he has to say for yourself:

Geordie Shore has been an unlikely success story over the years, telling the stories of a group of young people from the North East of England who are only interested in hard-drinking, casual sex, and questionable friendships.

Scotty T was just one of the characters on the show, renowned for his ability to pick up girls on a night out and get them back to the shared house.

However, on the Outspoken with Eden Harvz podcast, Scotty revealed that the whole thing wasn’t exactly as simple as that, because even though the show was pitched to the audience as a reality show, it was actually very tightly structured and controlled.

Sorry if that ruins it for you, but you were bound to find out somehow.

Scotty T explained the situation.
Outspoken with Eden Harvz

Explaining the hoops that they’d have to jump through to take home a partner, Scotty said: “People think it was so easy to pull, but it’s the hardest thing ever.

“Because obviously it’s a structured TV programme and there’s got to be certain rules in place.

“We weren’t even initially allowed to talk to them.

“We weren’t even allowed to just wander around the club, because we’d have a huge security team.

“So, we’d have to be like ‘OK, right we like those two lasses over there’ so someone from the team, from production, would go over and talk to them to say ‘would you like to come in and have a drink with Scott and Gaz’.

“Then, they’d have to go outside separately, they’d have to have their driving licence, they’d have to say ‘oh yeah, I’m such-and-such from Newcastle and I want to have a drink with them’.

“Then, they’d get filmed coming into the area and we’d all have a drink or whatever.”

That’s just to have a drink with them – if they wanted to get them back to the house, there was an even more exacting test to pass for the – usually drunken – guests.

Scotty continued: “If we actually wanted to take them home, the only way we could have them back to the Geordie Shore house is if they had their passports, but also when we got back to the house, they’d put everyone in the house first, and these girls would go off and get filmed in a room for half an hour, asked questions like ‘do you consent that you’ll be getting shagged’.

“They were like ‘well aye man!’

“But, after a while some of them would sober up and they’d be like ‘what am I doing?’

“Then, after that we’d have to do an entrance shot when everyone is already back, walk through everyone and then find somewhere to shag.”

Scotty has since left Geordie Shore.
Instagram/Scotty T

It didn’t even stop there, as Scotty revealed there was one last intrusion: “If you weren’t wearing a condom – which I always do – they’d [the producers] would come in.

“They may as well have put it on for you.

“Obviously it used to cause arguments – because for example if I was getting with one of the girls in the house…they’d make it so that them girls were sitting in the living room when we walked in with those lasses.”

To be fair, they wouldn’t have had a show without that, Scotty.

They barely had one anyway.

Featured Image Credit: Outspoken with Eden Harvz / MTV

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