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Skins star April Pearson says shower scene was ‘weird’ and they shouldn’t have been made to wear such ‘tight’ clothing

Skins star April Pearson says shower scene was ‘weird’ and they shouldn’t have been made to wear such ‘tight’ clothing

Some of these scenes didn't age well

Skins actress April Pearson has spoken out about some of the 'weird' scenes she had to film while playing Michelle Richardson.

April was just 18 when she was cast in the British teen drama, which was a roaring success. But looking back on it as an adult, the actress has confessed that some of her scenes were a little inappropriate.

Speaking on her podcast Are You Michelle From Skins?, April reminded her former co-star Siwan Morris, who played school teacher Angie on the show, about one particularly odd scene.

Fans of the series might remember the moment in season one when Angie comforted a drunken Michelle who had been hiding in one of the school closets after ending things with Tony.

When the drink catches up on her, Michelle gets sick all over Angie, and the two go to the gym showers together to get cleaned up.

April Pearson played Michelle Richardson in the hit teen series.

In the next scene, Michelle and Angie - student and teacher - are dressed in some rather, well, revealing sports uniforms they got from lost and found.

Speaking to Siwan about the suggestive scene, April reminded her: "So, like, I'd thrown up on you and then as a teacher, we'd both gone in the shower together.

"You got me out of the shower and put me in gym kit, which just happened to be short and tight.

"It's all a bit like 'ooh, do we need it?' Could we not have had, like, a boy's cricket kit to put on?"

Siwan replied: "I remembered the scene because I've seen it on social media with both you and I and our nipples are just standing erect.

Siwan Morris played the kids' teacher Angie on the show.

"But I'd forgotten the plot of the actual piece until you'd just reminded me. It's a bit weird isn't it?"

And some fans have admitted that they also found the scene sort of inappropriate.

Commenting on the discussion, one follower told April: "This show objectified women so much. Glad you spoke up about it too! Everyone should be treated with respect."

Another added: "I’m so glad you're speaking out about this!"

A third fan asked the Skins star: "How do you feel about people still watching Skins? In terms of do you wish people would just move on and stop supporting Skins?"

April has questioned the 'weird' scene over a decade on.

April posted a follow-up video to answer the question, assuring her fans that she didn't want them to stop watching the show for her sake.

She explained: "I definitely don't want people not to watch Skins. I think it's an important cultural moment and we can just have chats about it after, you know?"

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