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Marvel May Have Just Subtly Spoiled Spider-Man: No Way Home Ending

Marvel May Have Just Subtly Spoiled Spider-Man: No Way Home Ending

We'd expect this kind of thing from Tom Holland, but Marvel?

While we’d expect this kind of behaviour from Tom Holland, nobody saw Marvel letting the spoilers slip on one of their own movies. Some believe there’s a clue in one of the latest promo clips about the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Warning: potential spoilers for No Way Home.

A promo clip released by Sony Pictures Singapore (Marvel and Sony have teamed up on the latest Spider-Man venture) has given viewers a glimpse of some fresh scenes from the upcoming movie. 

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During the clip, one particular scene has got some fans thinking they know how the movie ends. Holland’s Peter Parker is seen looking exhausted and bloody, like he’d just emerged from an immense fight, when he tells Dr Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to “do it.” 

Take a look in the Instagram post below.

We don’t know what he’s referring to, but it’s thought this scene takes place near to the end of the film when the two Marvel superheroes embark upon their third battle, which takes place on the Statue of Liberty. 

To put this into context, Tom Holland’s third outing as Spidey sees him calling upon Dr Strange for help after the entire world finds out he’s Spider-Man. At the beginning of the movie (spoiler alert), Strange casts a spell to help reverse this, but it doesn’t go according to the plan, and a large majority of the movie will see the two attempt to fix it while undoubtedly battling with some bad guys along the way. 

What this snippet of a scene from Sony might be showing is Parker giving permission to Strange to cast a new spell which would mean absolutely everybody, including MJ, Ned and Aunt May, forgetting he’s Spider-Man. 

However, despite Tom Holland revealing how the movie starts and Marvel possibly accidentally hinting at how it ends, there’s still plenty of unseen action which, as the caption to the video says on Instagram, “will be revealed.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home comes to UK cinemas on 15th December 2021. 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sonypicturessg

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