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TikTok Doctor Reveals Surprising Connection Between Finger Length And Penis Size

TikTok Doctor Reveals Surprising Connection Between Finger Length And Penis Size

A doctor has shared an unconvential hack you can use to discern the length of a man's member just by looking at his hands

A surgeon who moonlights as a TikTok star has revealed that finger length can surprisingly predict penis size - and the results might not be what you’re expecting. Take a look below:


Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn regularly heads over to TikTok to share his experience and knowledge with his 7.6 million followers, and in one of his recent clips the doctor revealed to his viewers that there is a significant correlation between the size of a man’s index finger and the size of his… you know.

Dr. Anthony went on to explain that a study was conducted on a control group of 144 Korean men, who had been anaesthetised prior to surgery, cited in a 2011 urological report in the Asian Journal of Andrology.

Whilst they were under, the surgeons then measured the length of their index and ring fingers, before measuring the size of their penis' whilst flaccid and stretched out.

The results found that those with smaller index fingers were likely to have a longer member, whereas those with longer index fingers tended to be smaller in length.

Jam Press

Dr Anthony then shows off his hand and compares next to another TikTok doctor, Ricky Brown.

He then smiles with glee as he points to Dr Brown’s long index finger shown in the photo behind him, leaving little to the imagination as he not-so-subtly suggests what his colleague might be packing.

The popular post was viewed 1.1 million times and has racked up over 98,300 likes.

Not everyone was convinced though, with one person commenting: “So you’re saying Shaq has a small one?”

“I have small fingers..this can’t be right,” another viewer added.

Someone else said: “I can confirm this is not true.”

“I’m a girl and looked at my own fingers,” another viewer said, followed by a face palm emoji.

Someone else added: “This gotta be a joke.” [sic]

“I was scared at first because I have short fingers,” one user commented.

Jam Press

Another viewer said: “I have huge fingers, this can’t be right.”

Other people questioned the ethics of the study, by saying: “Um, did they ask them first?”

Of course, that’s not the only finger-based masculinity hack either. As the oft-cited formula goes, you can also measure the amount of testosterone a man produces by measuring the size of his ring finger, with a large digit also correlating to a greater amount of testosterone.

But if you are a guy with a particularly long index finger, don’t worry about it - in addition to size not being everything, a study by the British Journal of Cancer also revealed that men with large pointers are statistically less likely to contract prostate cancer than their short-fingered counterparts.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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