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Man Who Told Boss He Puts In Below Average Effort To Match Below Average Salary Updates Followers

Man Who Told Boss He Puts In Below Average Effort To Match Below Average Salary Updates Followers

TikToker Kris B has let followers in what exactly happened after that awkward conversation with his boss

A fed up employee's video went viral after he told his boss he puts in 'below average effort' to match his below average salary. And now, he’s posted an update for all his curious TikTok followers explaining what happened next. Watch the clip below: 

Podcast producer and voice actor Kris B took to TikTok earlier this month to recreate a conversation he had with his boss about his performance. 

In the clip, 'his boss' can be heard saying: "Mainly, I want us discuss the difference in your performance between last year and 2020.

"You were the top-rated employee in 2020, but it doesn't feel like you've been nearly as present or focussed since then. What's changed?"

Kris then said: "2020 was the second year in a row I didn't get a raise, even though I was the top employee.

"When I asked why I couldn't get a raise, you said it was because my position - no, my pay was a 'fair market value for my position'.

"So, at that point, I just decided I'm going to become a fair market value employee and put in a below average amount of effort because that's what I feel like you pay me to do."

The clip was viewed more than 11 million times and garnered a huge response from TikTokers who also felt undervalued in their workplace. 


After many of his followers began asking about what happened after the truthful conversation, Kris has now made a follow up video to set the record straight and spill the beans on what happened next. 

He begins by explaining the previous video was, in fact, a re-enactment of the conversation he had with his boss, as one of his voice-acting pals helped him recreate it exactly. 

He then adds: “Before I say anything, I love my boss. I know she had no say in what my pay was.” 

After this declaration, Kris gets into the nitty gritty of what happened: “I said what I said, it was met with a long silence. 

“I lost all confidence in my face because I got really nervous after saying it but it has been pent up in me. 

“I wanted to say it for so long, as soon as I was told I had a fair market value salary. 

“So, the long silence was met by a drawn-out sigh and then my boss went through the five stages of grief, landing on acceptance, and finally said can you please just do your job for the rest of the time we’re here? 

“We’re only here for a few more weeks. We’re both getting laid off.” 


Taking a different approach, Kris thought: “I just don’t have anything to lose, so I’m gonna say what I want. 

“And if you need someone to talk to your boss that way, I’m gonna be unemployed soon so hire me.” 

TikTokers joined together in the comments to applaud Kris’s attitude, as one said: “Wait, they’re laying you off and still complaining about your performance? Uh” 

Another person wrote: “It’s 2022, we aren’t doing toxic work environments anymore. I’m glad you stood up for yourself and everything you said was valid.” 

A third agreed, adding: “She’s the hiring manager for the position...she can definitely o more for you. She should’ve fought for you!” 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok@krisdrinkslemonade

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