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Rare footage showing how Harry Potter filmed platform 9 3/4 scene is anything but magic

Rare footage showing how Harry Potter filmed platform 9 3/4 scene is anything but magic

Despite Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone coming out over twenty years ago, fans are still shocked by how the magical film was made.

Harry Potter fans are reacting learning how the films created Platform 9 ¾ and it’s anything but magic!

Despite the first film being released over 20 years ago, many are just learning how the iconic moment from The Philosopher's Stone was made.

It’s after footage from behind the scenes was shared on TikTok, with one user saying that their childhood was ‘destroyed’ after watching the clip.

Fans have said their childhood has been 'destroyed'.
Collection Christophel / Alamy Stock Photo

Set to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness’, the footage shows the special camera trickery behind the nostalgic film.

Taking on the role of a lifetime, Daniel Radcliffe appears as the boy wizard as he charges through the wall of Platform 9 ¾ in The Philosopher's Stone.

Whilst the Harry Potter clip is iconic, another clip reveals that the scene was filmed using a simple archway to create the clever transformation into the Hogwarts Express platform.

Shot from another angle, you can see as a young Radcliffe rushes towards the set piece, with cameramen in front of him – all the while the real-life King’s Cross station is visible.

As if to hammer the point home, you can hear a sound bite from Euphoria gloomily saying ‘None of it was real’. (As if the shattering of the childhood memory wasn’t heart-breaking enough!)

Eagled-eyed fans can even spot the back of Molly and Ron Weasley’s heads – of course, played by Julie Walters and Rupert Grint respectively.

Understandably, muggles have been shocked after discovering how the magical illusion was done – with many brutally disappointed.

The shot has surprised many fans of the beloved franchise.
Warner Brothers

Originally uploaded by TikTok user @drarryhq, the behind-the-scenes footage has been seen by over 81,000 people – one of whom said that it ‘destroyed’ their childhood.

“It's real please I really like magic,” pleaded one Harry Potter fan, with another joking: “I thought it was real magic! No no no now my childhood is destroyed.”

However, one heartbroken fan had a very important theory as to why the behind-the-scenes footage had just emerged.

“…this is what the MoM want the muggles to know” they pointedly wrote, referring to the Ministry of Magic trying to cover up magical activities in the books and films.

Whilst some wanted to remain in the Wizarding World and hoped for their Hogwarts letter, other fans decided to be far more realistic.

“They filmed the movies really well tbh,” wrote one commenter, who was clearly impressed by the clever camera trick.

It seems like the filmmakers behind The Philosopher's Stone didn’t need to go to Hogwarts to create on-screen magic.

Featured Image Credit: Pics: Warner Bros

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