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29-year-old mother with 22-year-old daughter says she has no regrets after falling in love with her boss

29-year-old mother with 22-year-old daughter says she has no regrets after falling in love with her boss

Savana Chapin continues to have no regrets about marrying her boss

Having an amazing relationship with your daughter is a treasured thing, but what if there were only mere years between your ages?

It doesn’t seem possible, but for Savana Chapin, it’s just how her family came to be.

The 29-year-old has had to battle tooth and nail to keep trolls away from her controversial marriage to a man who was her boss and 16-years older than her, but she has no regrets.

Chris Chapin, 45, and Savana first begin their romance when she started working for him five years ago as a hairstylist his Arizona salon.

However, it wasn’t love at first sight as Savana said she wasn’t interested a relationship, and Chris had only just filed for divorce from his previous wife.

But it didn’t stop them in the end.

When featuring on an episode of Love Don’t Judge, a YouTube show, Chris admitted: “My life was kind of in a tailspin.”

However, the pair came to be after spending more time together and developed a ‘super special’ bond that he has never felt before.

The couple initially hid their romance because of Chris’s daughter, who is only 7 years younger than Savana.

Tizzi also works at the salon with the pair, and they were worried about her reaction.

TikTok/@ sav_chapin

But Savana isn’t interested in what the trolls had to say about her age gap relationship as after the initial controversy died down when they went public at the salon, her and Tizzi became best friends.

At first, ‘Tizzi was originally very thrown off’ Savana said to the New York Post.

“Now we’re best friends and she’s my little right-hand man.”

The couple now have three boys under 3-years old together, and Savana is the stepmother to Chris’s three children he shares with his ex-wife.

After posting about their love-life and family situation to TikTok, Savana, known as Sav online, faced a lot of backlash but she’s over it.

She said: “I had made the mistake of putting my age above where I was and [Tizzi’s] age above where she was [in one of my videos].

Sav and Tizzi are the best of friends.
TikTok/ @sav_chapin

“It just started this big massive tornado of negative comments.

“Most of them were geared towards Chris.”

Trolls regularly attack her channel, labelling Savana and Chris' relationship as 'creepy' and claiming that Chris wanted a 'clone' of his daughter.

But Savana and Tizzi are not letting the haters get in the way of their happiness as a family.

In a recent video, Savana posted a video for her husband, claiming that she’d do it all again just to end up with him.

The overlaying words stated: “The odds were against us.

“But I’d chose every heartbreak I experienced, every toxic relationship, and every tear again if I knew I’d have the life I’ve dreamt of and the husband of my dreams.”

Featured Image Credit: @sav_chapin/tiktok

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