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Brit living in America says there’s one road sign she ‘can’t get used to’

Brit living in America says there’s one road sign she ‘can’t get used to’

Reading road signs isn't for the faint hearted

Road signs in Britain have been bamboozling people for a long time, and it turns out the signs in America aren't much clearer.

From 'no return within one hour' signs, to signage of when you should be driving the national speed limit, I think we can all agree that reading road signs is a bit of a mind field.

And one person living in the US has found that the signs across the pond can be pretty confusing too.

Amber, who goes by @_amberinamerica on TikTok, documents her life as a Brit abroad.

She begins one of her videos: "America, of all the roads that you blatantly disregard, why do you feel the need to pay attention to the most frustrating one?"

Amber proceeds to show herself in front of a large red 'STOP' sign and went on to explain the stark difference between the rules of such signs in the UK and US.

"Where I'm from, typically they'd be at a dangerous junction or dangerous intersection where you need to come to a full stop because, even if you think you can see, you can't," Amber said.

But apparently, in the US they 'pop these f**kers up everywhere'.

"Dead straight [road], perfect visuals, stop sign, stop sign, stop sign, stop sign," she ranted.

Amber shared her confusion about American stop signs.

The rules are the same as the UK in that you still have to come to a complete stop but, if you come to a crossroads, they may have stop signs on all four entrances.

Amber continued: "[This means] no matter which way you're going, if you're emerging to turn left or right, or if you're going straight through a straight down road, you still have to stop. Even if you're not turning."

Apparently it's 'first come first served' as well, rather than - like in the UK - you giving way to the person on your right.

Amber went on to say that the rules 'go against all of [her] instincts'.

Backing up Amber's remarks, according to Top Driver, the first vehicle to arrive at the intersection out of the four cars has right of way.

"It doesn’t matter where the vehicle is located or what direction it is traveling, this rule will always apply when someone has clearly arrived at the stop sign first," the website further explains.

Baffled? Me too.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/Amber in America/FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

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