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Doppelgängers who met each other for the first time surprised at what shocked them the most

Doppelgängers who met each other for the first time surprised at what shocked them the most

They couldn't stop staring at each other

We all remember being at school and your mate pointing at a picture in their textbook and scream: "That's you!"

But what if there was another person on this planet that looked like they could be your twin, despite you not being related to them? Would you dare to meet them?

That's exactly what happened for Kiki and Elaine, a pair of doppelgängers who met as part of the CBC Gem documentary Doppelgängers: Face to Face.

The documentary follows six people — three pairs — meeting their lookalikes for the first time and finding out just how deep their resemblance goes.

In a clip posted to CBC Gem's TikTok, we meet Kiki from Los Angeles and Elaine from Dublin, Ireland as they meet each other.

Kiki can be seen entering the filming studio. As she turns the corner and spots Elaine, she calls out: "Hi twin."

Elaine responds, "Hi secret sister," and the pair share a hug.

The two women share a lot of similarities, with blonde curly hair, tanned skin, thick dark eyebrows and full lips.

But, what's interesting to note is a there's near-instant connection between them.

They instantly start cracking jokes about how they're both short, with Kiki quipping: "I was like 'if she's taller than me, I'm gonna hate her."

Kiki and Elaine then shared what shocked them the most about meeting each other.

Doppelgängers Kiki and Elaine met as part of a documentary.
Tiktok/CBC Gem

"We turned out to have the exact same personality type," Kiki shares. "That was actually the most shocking part of it all.

Elaine adds: "[The fact] that we look a bit alike kind of feels a bit irrelevant. You know, that's what brought us together, but that's not what sustains a relationship."

Other TikTokers shared their doppelgänger experiences in the video's comments.

"I met my doppelgänger in my own town," one user wrote. "Wondered for years why people would come up to me and call me a different name."

Another person commented: "As someone who has lived in both the US and the UK, I see doppelgängers all the time and it is so scary."

And a third said: "My friend moved away to a different province and found a new me... literally straight up my doppelgänger."

Unfortunately, not all doppelgänger meet-ups go so well.

The pair shared that they were shocked by how similar they were in personality as well as looks.
TikTok/CBC Gem

In August of last year, a woman in Germany was accused of killing her doppelgänger to fake her own death.

When police found a body in a car in Ingolstadt, southern Germany, German-Iraqi beautician Sharaban K was initially named the victim.

However, a post mortem examination later confirmed the victim to be Khadidja O, an Algerian beauty blogger from Heilbronn.

Prosecutor claim Sharaban K plotted the scheme to fake her own death after a dispute with her family.

The beautician reached out to Khadidja O on social media the week before the alleged murder and after successfully arranging to meet, Sharaban K and a friend allegedly picked her up and took her to a forested area, where they stabbed her to death.

Doppelgängers: Face to Face is available to stream now on CBC Gem.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/CBC Gem

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