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Amazon Fire Stick users can legally stream thousands of films and shows for free

Amazon Fire Stick users can legally stream thousands of films and shows for free

It's completely free and legal

Amazon Fire TV Sticks are used by millions as a way of logging-in to premium streaming apps like Netflix or Disney+ in order to watch their favourite TV shows and films.

But there's another app altogether via the Fire Stick that you can download and watch free TV shows and films on.

It comes as some Fire Stick users have been issued stern warnings in recent weeks and months.

Those on the receiving end have been using the device to illegally stream TV, usually through Internet Protocol television (IPTV).

This is where premium content from services you must pay to use is provided for free on the black market.

And it doesn't just include movies and shows, but live sports too.

Millions take up the illicit practice, with a fifth saying they have illegally streamed or downloaded content.

One hacker, who uses her skills to help people and companies stay safe on the internet, said using these services puts you at serious risk of allowing 'criminals and hackers the ability to attack and gain control of devices and networks'.

It opens you up to personally being hacked, basically.

A 'jailbroken' Amazon Fire Stick is one of the more popular devices people use to illegally watch TV.

But one free and completely legal alternative to jailbreaking your Fire Stick and using it for IPTV is downloading one particular app that's right there on the Amazon website.

Amazon says: "Did you know that, in addition to Prime Video, Amazon also offers a completely free streaming service with thousands of hit movies, shows, and Originals?

"It's called Amazon Freevee, and it's an ad-supported streaming service that lets you watch all kinds of different movies and TV shows for free."

The content on the Freevee app might look familiar to some and rightfully so. It used to be IMDb TV.

The app allows you to access what feels like countless premium television programmes and films.

An example of how the Amazon Freevee app looks on your TV.

There's also 150 FAST TV channels - which stands for 'free ad-supported streaming television'.

They're TV channels that are always on with scheduled adverts built in.

Those who want to take advantage just need to download the Amazon Freevee app on their Fire Sticks. You can easily do this by searching for it on the Fire Stick itself.

You don't need to download it if you already subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, with all Freevee content automatically transferred there.

A quick look at the Freevee service shows films such as Kill Bill, Hacksaw Ridge, and Jackie Brown free to watch, so it's certainly worth your time.

Kill Bill can be watched for free.
Miramax Films

The tech giant said: "If you already have Prime Video, you can watch content from Amazon Freevee straight through the Prime Video app.

"Amazon Freevee is also available as a standalone app on a variety of devices, including all Amazon Fire TV devices, iOS and Android mobile devices, PlayStation 5, and many smart TVs.

"If you sign into the app using your username and password, you’ll receive personalised movie and TV recommendations.

"If Amazon Freevee isn’t available on your device, you can stream Amazon Freevee titles from your web browser on the Amazon website or the Prime Video app via the Amazon Freevee Channel. Amazon Freevee is currently available in the U.S., the UK, and Germany and Austria."

Featured Image Credit: Amazon / Hedwig Storch / Wikimedia Commons

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