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Antiques Roadshow guest left stunned after discovering how much her family heirloom was worth

Antiques Roadshow guest left stunned after discovering how much her family heirloom was worth

She couldn't believe it when she found out how much it was worth

Antiques Roadshow is known for uncovering a lot of hidden gems for unsuspecting people that are looking to make some money, with the results often being incredibly surprising.

The TV series is known for that kind of thing, and the reactions of unsuspecting guests are always priceless and often wholesome to see - well, as long as they don't withhold items from owners, that is!

Anyway, the latest occurrence of a wholesome surprise left the guest in question lost for words when she was told how much her subtle family heirloom was worth.

The guest let Antiques Roadshow expert Joanna Hardy take a close look at the family heirloom, which was a diamond brooch shaped like a bird, that had been passed down a number of generations.

Joined on the BBC show by her mum and while carrying her baby, the guest presented the unique piece.

Joanna said: “This is a very special jewel and I wasn’t disappointed when I opened the box to see this, but also it is a very special occasion I hear.”

“So this brooch with given to my mum by my granny when I was born and mum has passed it on to me when my daughter was born,” the daughter further explained.

The expert even joked about the baby chewing on her mother's silver bangle, suggesting she could be a 'budding jewellery enthusiast'.

"I like the way she is using a silver bangle for teething and a beautiful amber necklace also for teething," she joked.

They couldn't quite believe how much it was worth. (BBC One)
They couldn't quite believe how much it was worth. (BBC One)

Joanna continued: “I highly approve. And to think that this brooch has been passed down through all these generations, is what jewellery is all about. This is a stunning brooch.”

The daughter added: “I was thrilled, really thrilled. I have had a few lovely pieces from granny but this just tops them all, really lovely.”

Joanna then replied by stating that it was 'everything' that she looks for in a jewel, the finest compliment.

She expanded on the fact that it was truly unique, as the brooch was handmade by a company that crafted crowns and tiaras, among other luxury pieces of jewellery, before revealing the price.

"It really is absolutely superb. If you were going to buy something similar you would probably need to spend about £25,000 and £30,000,” Joanna claimed.

The brooch was worth a handsome £25-30k. (BBC One)
The brooch was worth a handsome £25-30k. (BBC One)

The guest and her mother were left with their jaws on the floor after discovering its value.

"Oh god look after it! I had no idea," the mum said.

Joanna spoke to the baby after this, saying: "It is absolutely stunning, it oozes quality and oozes craftsmanship… and lucky you! That is going to be yours one day.”

The mother spoke to the camera afterwards, concluding that she was 'absolutely bowled over' and 'beyond delighted' with how valuable it was, and said that it further highlighted how special it was to hand down.

Featured Image Credit: BBC One

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