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Lord Alan Sugar makes history on The Apprentice with shock decision before firing

Lord Alan Sugar makes history on The Apprentice with shock decision before firing

The show might have been on for years now, but Lord Sugar still surprises us

Lord Sugar’s search for his next business partner… continues.

The Apprentice is back in full swing now and it’s a popular watch for all of us Brits who love to sit back on the couch and talk about how much better we would be than the candidates.

The BBC program has been running now since 2005 and sure, while it’s a serious business competition, it’s almost became a bit of a comedy show.

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us secretly get a bit of a kick from watching the candidates mess up, and it feels like each year just gets better.

The Apprentice has been on telly since 2005.

And while The Apprentice might have been on telly for just under two decades now, Alan Sugar still surprises us viewers.

In last night’s (22 February) episode, he made history with a shock firing decision.

This week’s task was the iconic budgeting task, where the two teams had to go around the island of Jersey and secure a variety of items – Alan’s ‘favourite task’.

Now, in case you hadn’t guessed, there’s about to be spoilers for the episode.

Big Al wasn’t exactly impressed by one of the teams, as he slammed it as the ‘worst performance’ in this task, with them being fined over a whopping £200.

The losing team then went and sat and had their usual bicker in the café before going back to the boardroom to try and save themselves from being fired.

Team leader Jack Davies decided to bring back Maura Rath and Amina Khan to potentially be the unlucky ones leaving the competition.

And as the candidates left the boardroom with the others getting themselves into a taxi to return to the house, Alan’s advisor Karren Brady said: “I've gotta tell you Alan, they all made mistakes. They're all culpable. They should all be back in here.”

No one wants that getting pointed at them.

Then, in a move he’s never made before, the businessman rang reception and said: “You know what. Stop those other candidates going back to the house because I want everybody back in this boardroom."

Pretty awkwardly, the lot of them were then brought back in for a proper talking to from Alan.

Following a whole lot of fighting for their places to stay and defending themselves, it was ultimately Amina and Jack who both left the show in a dramatic double firing.

Oh you just can’t beat a bit of British reality business drama with Lord Sugar can you?

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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