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BBC viewers hooked on 'outstanding' crime drama as season 2 drops

BBC viewers hooked on 'outstanding' crime drama as season 2 drops

The BBC British police-drama is being described as 'outstanding'.

BBC viewers who absolutely love a gritty crime series are seemingly hooked on this British police drama as a second season drops on iPlayer.

If you're a fan of Kin, Better or Line of Duty, the chances are that this 2019 series is right up your street.

Set in Dundee, the show follows three female forensic professionals, Emma Hedges (Molly Windsor), Sarah Gordon (Laura Fraser) and Kathy Torrance (Jennifer Spence), who are working together at the Scottish Institute of Forensic Science and Anatomy (SIFA).

The trio work together to help uncover the truth behind an eerie murder case.

'Evidence doesn't lie – people do' is the tagline of season one, which dropped in lockdown.

Titled Traces, you can take a look at the sinister trailer below:

Viewers loved the first and second season, as one person commented: "I loved this. Great performances from the cast and the last few episodes are very gripping. An easy watch during lockdown."

"Very realistic characters and action, finally some interesting, believable female roles," a second added.

"Outstanding series! The writers and actors created such incredible tension and suspense that I needed to binge it." another said.

Viewers are loving the show.

"I sincerely appreciate the female dominant cast... there a few crime dramas with multiple female leads.

"The breathtaking Scottish landscape finishes this glorious series."

While a third penned: "Traces on BBC I played what a watch, trust me!"

Well, season two finally arrived on iPlayer over the weekend and you can watch the whole thing right now.

The three leads were also back in action for the latest season, with Fraser telling that she was happy about the female-led cast, adding: "This wasn't even 50/50 – it was actually predominantly female and I really appreciated it, it felt so comfortable.

Laura Fraser spoke about the female-led cast.

"I would love to see more of that. It'd be great if the pendulums swings, and then balances out so it's 50/50 – that would be incredible."

While Martin Compston - who stars as Emma's on-off love interest, added: "He's just a flip from Steve [Arnott, my Line of Duty character].

"The thing with Daniel is, he just seems like a nice guy in a bad situation, and things are getting out of control for him.

"Whereas Steve's completely driven by ambition and his own ego, Dan just seems a likeable guy who's trying to do right by people, so there's definitely that contrast, which is appealing to play."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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