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Brits all recommend the same series after being asked for crime thriller ‘that grabs you from the beginning’

Brits all recommend the same series after being asked for crime thriller ‘that grabs you from the beginning’

There's a few shows you ought to check out

Brits were asked to give their recommendations for crime and thriller series, and pretty much everyone gave the same answers.

We are incredibly good at making crime thrillers so whenever anyone asks for some good recommendations you should trust a Brit to tell you what's what.

Someone recently asked for a crime series 'which grabs you from the beginning' in the Netflix Bangers Facebook group and was inundated with recommendations.

Since there's a limited time in this world we thought we'd whittle down the suggestions to the most popular ones, including a new series which is still releasing episodes.

Without further ado, here's the most popular recommendations:

If you like your crime dramas to be of the 'grim up north' flavour then Happy Valley is perfection.

Happy Valley

We waited so long for the final series of Happy Valley and it absolutely didn't disappoint.

Sarah Lancashire leads the cast as Catherine Cawood, a police sergeant trying to raise her grandson following the death of her daughter.

Things take a turn for the worse when the boy's father Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) is released from prison.

Happy Valley is an utterly gripping drama spread out over three series, and with six episodes apiece you should be able to make your way through it at decent speed.

Real ones know the pain of waiting years for that third and final series of the show.

Happy Valley is available to watch on BBC iPlayer, so hopefully you've been paying your licence fee.

Brooding detectives and a town full of suspects, if you missed Broadchurch you've really got to see it.


David Tennant and Olivia Colman brooding atop a cliff, what more could you really want?

Switching from the grim and gritty setting up north of Happy Valley to a picturesque seaside town down south, Broadchurch is set in a small town in Dorset which is rocked when a child's body is found on the beach and all sorts of secrets come tumbling out.

Packed with a star studded cast of the finest British talent, Broadchurch gripped the nation when it first released in 2013 as people were thrilled by the unravelling mystery.

Keeping the identity of the killer a secret was top priority for Broadchurch, with the cast and crew signing an agreement not to reveal anything and fewer than 30 people knowing before the episodes released.

In total there are three series of the show and at eight episodes each there's plenty to work your way through.

Broadchurch is available to stream on ITVX, so enjoy navigating that particular streaming platform.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey, can you just watch Line of Duty?

Line of Duty

Ask any Brit which crime drama they'd recommend and you're most likely to be told you should watch Line of Duty.

The brainchild of Jed Mercurio, this series follows the police's anti-corruption unit as they attempt to weed out what Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) would call 'bent coppers'.

Along the way there were all sorts of twists and turns as the squad never knew who to trust in their search for the elusive 'H', a mysterious senior copper with major ties to organised crime.

If you're new to Line of Duty then we advise not to go looking for spoilers if you want to play the 'who is H' guessing game.

Don't count out the possibility of there being more Line of Duty either, as there have been whispers of a seventh series which could see us get just one more morsel of action.

Line of Duty is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

If you've got Apple TV and haven't seen Slow Horses yet what are you doing?
Apple TV

Slow Horses

The spy thriller based on the Slough House series of books by Mick Herron and stars legendary actor Gary Oldman as the head of an MI5 department for rejects who haven't screwed up quite badly enough to be sacked.

Trapped in the drudgery of their supposedly dead-end job, the screwup spies end up discovering a case which could have nation-wide consequences.

Stunningly popular with the critics, Slow Horses is still going strong and plenty reckon it's only getting better as it goes on.

The good news is that an fourth series ought to be released by the end of 2024, while a fifth series has already been commissioned.

Slow Horses can be viewed on Apple TV, so you'll either have to fork over a subscription fee or blow through all the episodes during their seven day free trial.

Peter Capaldi stars as the detective going over one of his old cases in Criminal Record.
Apple TV

Criminal Record

Another Apple TV series that's wowing the critics, this is the freshest of the bunch as it's only just released.

If you're a fan of former Doctor Who stars turned detective and didn't get enough with Broadchurch then Criminal Record is just the ticket as Peter Capaldi leads the cast in sussing out an old murder case.

It also sounds a tad more grounded than some of the other entries on the list as The Independent's reviewer Katie Rosseinsky said it 'comments on the state of policing without any Line of Duty theatrics'.

The first two episodes of Criminal Record premiered on Apple TV on 10 January with subsequent episodes releasing on Wednesdays, with eight due to release in total.

If you're wanting to watch the series for free it'll be best to wait until they've all been released.

Featured Image Credit: Apple/BBC

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