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Dragons' Den star Peter Jones 'breaks protocol' over seriously 'bonkers' pitch

Dragons' Den star Peter Jones 'breaks protocol' over seriously 'bonkers' pitch

It was a crazy idea, but it might just be a work of genius

Peter Jones was so awestruck by a product on the latest episode of Dragons' Den that he broke protocol to make sure everyone knew about it.

We'll cut right to the chase, you've probably eaten chocolate and crisps as part of the same meal at some point in your life.

You might even have melted down some chocolate and drizzled it onto crisps, such is your decadence in the world of snacks.

However, one canny inventor decided to make it official by releasing a product called Bar of Crisps, which as you can probably guess is a chocolate bar with crisps in it.

You can get it in cheese and onion, salt and vinegar or ready salted flavours, and naturally snack creator Maria did the sensible thing and took her product on Dragons' Den, where it got a lot of appreciation from Peter Jones.

The early sign that Jones was going to like it was there, as Maria said she'd 'been eating crisps and chocolate my whole life and people always thought I was weird' which prompted the investor to shake his head.

It's rare to see one of the Dragons get out of their chair.

When it came time for a taste test Jones loved it so much that he did what you're not supposed to do on a TV set, walk off and start interacting with the crew.

However, he thought so much of Bar of Crisps that he started offering it around to the Dragons' Den crew.

Not everybody was a fan as fellow Dragon Steven Bartlett scrunched his face up and said he didn't 'get it', prompting Jones to tell his colleague: "You are so boring."

Sadly, despite his apparent enthusiasm Peter Jones didn't invest in Bar of Crisps and indeed none of the other Dragons did either.

Even though he thought it was 'b****y brilliant', Jones said he thought Maria's product was too 'niche' for him to invest in.

While he'd love to buy some for himself it wasn't something he'd want to invest in, though perhaps Maria can get closer to her funding goal with the interest from the people watching the show.

Peter Jones ran over to the camera crew so they could have some.

Plenty of Dragon's Den viewers took to social media to say they'd absolutely love to have a Bar of Crisps, and plenty of inventors who go on the show soon find themselves inundated with orders even if they don't get the investment they were looking for.

Show viewers said chocolate and crisps together were a 'beautiful creation' and a 'fantasy made reality', so perhaps this will be one of those businesses that winds up being hugely successful despite attracting no investment.

Dragon's Den isn't the only place that Bag of Crisps made an appearance, as the snack was also featured on Channel 4's Aldi's Next Big Thing.

The snack was described as 'ingenious' on the show but ultimately didn't get picked to be the new product on supermarket shelves, instead going for a Yorkshire pudding flavoured beer and a luxury chocolate box.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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