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Forgotten Friday Night Dinner script released as fans praise 'glorious' scene that was never filmed

Forgotten Friday Night Dinner script released as fans praise 'glorious' scene that was never filmed

The creator shared the script with fans

Fans have labelled a forgotten script belonging to one of the country's most-loved comedy series as 'glorious'. And they couldn't be more correct.

Fans of Friday Night Dinner have spent the last few weeks reliving its glory days after it returned to streaming giant Netflix.

The show follows the Goodman family as they meet up regularly for their traditional Jewish Shabbat dinner on - you've guessed it - Friday evenings.

It stars Tamsin Greig as mum Jackie, the late Paul Ritter as dad Martin, and Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal as sons Adam and Jonny.

Completing the main cast is Mark Heap as eccentric neighbour Jim, often accompanied by dog Wilson.

The return to Netflix has left fans waxing lyrical about just how good it is - while also asking the question about if the show will have a new series.

It's also seen the show come up across the press, with one of the show's actors questioning if they'd star in it if it was made today.

The Goodman family.
Channel 4

Showrunner Robert Popper recently spoke about the comedy's return to Netflix, which left him slightly bemused at the description.

He tweeted: "FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER is now on Netflix. Just a shame the show description was written by an early model of AI but hey ho."

The show was described as 'Set in London, this quirky sitcom follows along as the Goodmans - a Jewish family led by an eccentric patriarch - convene every Friday for dinner'.

Sounds like an ominous thriller, not a hilarious easy watch.

Popper has also taken to X to share a forgotten scene from the show, which fans are loving.

He said: "Just found this unused bit of a dinner scene from FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER. As usual, no memory writing it."

Jim. Iconic.
Channel 4

The script is as follows:


Boys, your mother and I went out to eat last night.

ADAM (zero interest)

Did you?


Oh, it was fabulous wasn't it, Jackie?




Probably the most delicious food I've ever had in my entire life.




Yeah. I'll never forget that meal. Never.


So, what did you have then?

DAD (quick as a flash)

I can't remember.

It's classic Martin Goodman and a scene that would have seamlessly fitted in if filmed.

One fan said: "I can see this scene in my head and it's glorious. Truly I miss Friday Night Dinner."

Another said: "Absolutely class and it wasn't even used! Impossible to read it without hearing the voices of the actors."

A third wrote: "I can hear Martin's voice reading this and now I miss Paul Ritter all over again."

Another added: "The best part about reading that is that I can hear it in my head. Fantastic. Love these wee snippets."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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