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Owner of ‘saddest house ever’ admits he feels ‘terrible’ as he gives another update on tragic years-long saga

Owner of ‘saddest house ever’ admits he feels ‘terrible’ as he gives another update on tragic years-long saga

The house has been put on the market for less than he spent on it

The owner of the 'saddest house ever' built on Grand Designs has issued another update on his dream home turned nightmare, and it's not good news.

Edward Short - who appeared on the property show in 2019 - finally managed to build Chesil Cliff House after years of effort, but not before getting into millions of pounds worth of debt and separating from his wife.

Now he could ultimately lose a lot more money on the house after agreeing to another £2 million worth of loans while his creditors have put the place on the market for a cut-price deal.

Nevertheless, Edward says he's trying to remain positive, and is planning to wed his fiancée Jalia Nambasa this year once his divorce is finalised.

He told the Sun: "I've moved on with my life and there are highs and lows. But there’s chasing money and there's chasing love and, personally, I think love's harder to find.

"This has been very difficult for the family and that’s something I feel terrible about, but we all have our health and we are all fighters so we get on with our lives."

Edward explained that he's got debts of over £7 million and plans to add the fresh loans of £2 million onto that pile.

The new money he's borrowing is going towards setting up the house with the fixtures and fittings it needs for someone to live there, and to re-do the driveway after it developed some significant cracks.

Edward Short poured years and a fortune into Chesil Cliff House.
Channel 4

In addition to all that he's in a 'triangle of negotiation' to try and take the house back off the market, as ownership of the place has been passed onto the receivers and it's on the market for £5.25 million.

That won't be enough to cover all of Edward's debts, but if he can regain control of the property he's hoping to stick it on the market for somewhere closer to £10 million.

He said it would be a 'complete disaster for us as a family' if he can't change things and said he'd be in a better position to pay back the money he borrowed if he could just sort out the house.

While jumping the asking price from £5.25 million to £10 million sounds like a lot, Edward did say a home near Chesil Cliff House sold for £8.5 million.

One potential buyer for the house was Omaze, those people in all those Facebook ads who try to get you to sign up to a lottery in the hopes of winning a fancy house.

The place has been described as the 'saddest house ever' seen on the show after the impact it had on Edward's life.
Channel 4

While a former Grand Designs project sounds like exactly the sort of thing they'd go for, Omaze turned down the chance to buy Chesil Cliff House as they said the price was too much.

As for who might actually buy it instead, there are some interested parties including one who according to The Sun has viewed the house several times.

Edward has said in the past that he feels a bit 'cursed by it all' and after everything he's been through it's not hard to see why.

Even if a sale goes through now, it won't clear him of his debts and he'll have spent years working on a house he doesn't even get to live in.

To think that during Grand Designs he'd planned to have it finished in 18 months.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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