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People can’t believe kid told x-rated joke on national TV after hearing uncut version

People can’t believe kid told x-rated joke on national TV after hearing uncut version

Kids really do say the funniest things sometimes

An old clip from an uncut version of Kids Say the Funniest Things has got people in disbelief at what we let go on our TV screens.

The show was on our screens between 1998 and 2000, and while we might thing TV has become more risqué over the years, it really has nothing on a little kid telling an x-rated joke we're not entirely sure he fully understands.

It turns out that Michael Barrymore, the host of Kids Say the Funniest Things, is pretty active on TikTok and has been sharing clips from some of his old shows.

People have really loved getting to see just what TV could get away with back in the day if you just put kids on a stage and let them talk.

Responding to someone's request to see an uncut version of a clip, Barrymore shared the clip of a young kid telling a very naughty joke.

Head over to Michael Barrymore's TikTok, he's sharing clips of kids telling absolutely wild jokes.

"There's this milkman, yeah," the joke started and as the boy said it the audience were already laughing as they could guess where this was going.

The laughter only intensified when the kid then said 'there's this girl named F**kerada'.

"She goes to the door and it was a milkman, he said 'I'll give you one pint of milk if you let me come inside'.

"'I'll give you two pints of milk if you let me come upstairs, I'll give you three pints of milk if you let me come in your room, I'll give you four pints of milk if you take your clothes off'.

"'I'll give you five pints of milk if you get in bed with me and I'll give you six pints of milk if you...'"

It was at this point that the kid had to spell out the letters of the word 'shag' instead of saying the whole word out loud, while the audience was practically in tears of laughter.

Kids really do say the funniest things, and plenty watching the clip remember telling the joke themselves.

Fortunately the lad was able to spell out the word and finish the joke.

He said: "Then her mother came in and said 'F**kerada, F**kerada!' And then the milkman said 'I'm trying, I'm trying!'"

Of course, the kid's parents were in the audience trying and failing to stay composed, which was part of the fun.

People watching the clip now were astonished that this was part of a TV show, though of course not all of it went live.

"How did they get away with that," one fan wondered, while plenty wanted to know what the kid was up to these days.

Others admitted that they also told the same joke when they were kids, but were 'clueless as to the meaning of it' and all they knew was it made the grown-ups laugh.

Barrymore admitted that some of the clips hadn't made it into the final broadcast, but he had all of the tapes which meant access to the footage viewers didn't get to see.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@TheMichaelBarrymore

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