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My Parents are Aliens star is unrecognisable now and living a completely different life

My Parents are Aliens star is unrecognisable now and living a completely different life

The cast of the family favourite show have matured a lot since it went off air 17 years ago

It's been nearly two decades since we said goodbye to My Parents are Aliens and the loveable cast which we watched caused havoc each week.

Although we can still picture them as though it was yesterday, the stars of the family favourite ITV show have obviously matured since then and have changed quite a bit.

Brian (Tony Gardner) and Sophie (Carla Mendonça) would probably be enjoying their retirement years by now, while the Barker brood would have careers and possibly even kids. I wouldn't say no to a spin-off giving us an update on their current lives, anyway.

The younger characters have obviously come on a lot in the real world too and have left the days of educating their alien parents far behind them.

But one of the actor's has really revamped themselves - in terms of both their career and appearance.

With questionable spiky hair and a sarcastic remark at the ready, Josh Barker was the baby-faced joker of My Parents are Aliens, but he is barely recognisable now.

Alex Kew, the actor behind the comical character, was always getting up to no good in the show while launching his latest money making scheme.

Baby-faced Josh was the resident troublemaker on My Parents are Aliens.

Whether it was to dodge a detention or to outsmart his sisters, the My Parents are Aliens resident troublemaker always had a scam up his sleeve.

He was never far from his best mates, Pete and Frankie, and memorably fell head over heels in love with 'the gorgeous Tania Thomas'. In between all the mischief, Josh also played the guitar very well.

Alex must of had plenty of fun when filming his character's antics and growing up alongside My Parents are Aliens.

He was clearly a firm part of the furniture - as when his voice broke during series five, show writers produced an episode based on the change, ensuring that Alex was in it for the long haul.

The popular show wrapped up after eight series in December 2006, allowing the cast to spread their wings and take on other opportunities.

Alex seemed to have been inspired by Josh's hobbies (as well as his natural talent, of course) and decided to take to a different kind of stage in his adult years.

Three years after the end of My Parents are Aliens, the then 20-year-old joined a local rock band called The Wutars.

It appears that music has remained Alex's main focus and he has persisted with his career even after The Wutars split in 2011.

He has continued to record and perform as a solo artist, with the child star often sharing snaps from his gigs on social media.

But to be a rockstar, you've got to look like one - meaning Alex looks a lot different to his My Parents are Aliens days.

He now sports a long beard and has experimented with his hairstyle, but there's no gelled up spikes in sight.

The actor, now 37, has grown his hair out over the years as well as trying out a quiff, both of which he manages to pull off pretty well.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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