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Naked Attraction viewers speechless after ’savage’ 70-year-old contestant makes brutal move

Naked Attraction viewers speechless after ’savage’ 70-year-old contestant makes brutal move

Old people need love too, and sometimes they go on Naked Attraction to find it

Naked Attraction viewers have seen plenty of things over the years, one could argue that's rather the point of the show, but now they reckon they've found the most 'savage' person ever to go on.

We've seen all sorts over the years of Naked Attraction being on our screens but 70-year-old Sandra might just take the cake.

You know the drill by now, someone looking for love goes on the show and has a bunch of prospective partners in nothing but their birthday suits slowly revealed to them.

They whittle down the choices until they pick someone to go on a date with, and before they leave both participants end up without their clothes so there's nothing that's not been laid bare.

That was the routine with Sandra, who appeared on last night's (13 March) show in search of the man who might be her fourth husband.

70-year-old Sandra has been branded the most 'savage' Naked Attraction contestant ever.
Channel 4

In the end, she was left with a decision between Paul and John (George and Ringo presumably already having been turned down) and struggled to choose between the two.

Eventually she plumped for John, but love was not in the air between them as their date didn't go all that well.

According to Sandra, her date was 'too forward' as he asked to hold her hand and didn't seem to listen to her when she was talking.

The 70-year-old didn't kiss John on the lips at the end of her date, instead preferring a peck on the cheek as she said they were probably better as 'just friends'.

When the two reunited to wrap things up for the show, she pulled a move which set the jaws of Channel 4 viewers onto the floor.

She brought the other bloke onto the sofa.
Channel 4

Delivering a post-mortem on the date, Sandra dropped the bombshell that she'd actually since been in contact with Paul and suddenly there he was on camera.

Sitting on a sofa between Sandra and John, Paul said he'd just been on a date with the 70-year-old and things had been 'successful' as she revealed they had kissed.

Viewers couldn't believe she'd invited another bloke onto the wrap-up sofa, saying it must have been a 'kick in the nuts' to John while someone else called Sandra a 'player'.

Others marvelled at Sandra thinking John was being 'forward' for asking to hold her hand when they'd just been on a show where they saw each other naked.

In the end, it sounded like John took his rejection gracefully as he wished Sandra and Paul all the best for the future, so even if he didn't get the girl he can still walk away with his head held high.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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