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There's a $55 million Netflix TV series that no one is likely to ever see

There's a $55 million Netflix TV series that no one is likely to ever see

The series, which was inspired by artificial intelligence, was reportedly canned in 2021

Netflix has allegedly spent a stunning sum on a science-fiction television series that may never see the light of day.

According to recent reports, the streaming giant was apparently willing to part with $55million so that American film director Carl Rinsch could produce a sci-fi series.

It’s said that in 2018, Rinsch pitched the show's rights to Netflix and claimed that he had started the script for a show that was later named Conquest.

Amazon allegedly bagged the original deal with the 47 Ronin director, but its small-screen competitor is said to have swooped in and acquired it.

According to an expose, written by The New York Times, Netflix then agreed to pay the Hollywood creative in several instalments.

By 2020, it’s claimed that a whopping $44.3 million had been funnelled into Rinsch’s artificial intelligence-inspired project.

And while it’s not uncommon for works of entertainment to run into trouble, this one gets a little more strange as time progresses.

Netflix have now pulled the plug on Conquest.
Pexels/Cottonbro Studio

After receiving his initial cash injections it’s claimed that Rinsch asked Netflix for more money, to which the giant complied.

It’s reported that $11 million more was wired to the filmmaker’s production company.

However, $10.5 million of it was allegedly transferred to his personal brokerage account.

It’s also said that he had lost and gained a significant amount of money after he invested it in Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Elsewhere, reports also claims that crew working on Conquest at the time were concerned by Rinsch’s ‘erratic’ behaviour before work was stalled in 2021.

Unfortunately, it is further claimed that the plug has now officially been pulled on the expensive Conquest production.

The filmmaker allegedly spent his money investing in Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

So, unless another streaming service like Disney+ picks it up, we’re probably never going to be able to watch it.

Discussing the reason the streamer cut ties with Rinsch, Thomas Cherian, a spokesperson for Netflix, said that 'after a lot of time and effort, it became clear that Mr. Rinsch was never going to complete the project he agreed to make, and so we wrote the project off'.

This ordeal has now allegedly become a legal case, as Rinsch is arguing that the giant still owes him a stunning $14million in damages.

It’s also reported by The Times that the case had a hearing earlier this month and that an official ruling is expected imminently.

LADbible has contacted Netflix for further comment.

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