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David Jason to return to our screens for Only Fools and Horses Christmas special

David Jason to return to our screens for Only Fools and Horses Christmas special

The original Del Boy will decide which episode is the best

David Jason will be returning to our screens this Christmas in an Only Fools and Horses special for Channel 5.

Often rated as the greatest British sitcom of all time, the show packed in plenty of Christmas specials, including the legendary episode 'Time on our Hands' where the Trotters finally became millionaires.

Now David Jason is returning to our screens for a special documentary, The Story of Only Fools and Horses at Christmas, where he'll talk about the plethora of iconic festive episodes.

On top of that Del Boy himself will be picking out his best ever Christmas episode in the special and he'll be joined by several others who brought us Only Fools and Horses.

It'll be a 90 minute special running though the show's festive history, while according to The Sun a bunch of celebrity fans of the show will also be on.

David Jason will be picking his favourite festive episode of the bunch.
Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

Only Fools and Horses ended for good 20 years ago, wrapping things up with 2003 Christmas special 'Sleepless in Peckham'.

Since then all we've had of the Trotters is a Comic Relief special nine years ago featuring David Beckham.

Sadly, it's unlikely we'll get a proper reunion on the show as according to the Metro, Nicholas Lyndhurst has said they 'can't' due to the death of screenwriter John Sullivan and a number of classic cast members.




Lyndhurst said he 'certainly couldn't do it without John', so this look back at their Christmas specials is the best you're going to get.

It'll be good to see David Jason back on our screens after he had to undergo hip surgery earlier this year.

Even years on the 83-year-old still earns a pretty penny from his time on Only Fools and Horses, with the sitcom still much loved and watched 20 years on from wrapping up.

What's the best Christmas special Only Fools and Horses has ever done?

It certainly did a lot better than the attempt to replicate it over in the US with a show called Kings of Van Nuys, which was cancelled before it was ever broadcast.

Two pilot episodes were shot but never picked up by a network, and comedian Tom Mayhew said it had 'no heart' after watching some of the leaked footage.

While David Jason is set to pick his favourite Christmas special during the documentary, he probably won't be choosing the 1986 episode 'A Royal Flush'.

Only Fools and Horses creator John Sullivan didn't particularly like how it came out in the end, with Del Boy coming off as cruel towards Rodney and when the episode was released on DVD, Sullivan slashed 18 minutes from the episode.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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