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Eye-watering amount Sharon Osbourne was reportedly paid per minute on Celebrity Big Brother

Eye-watering amount Sharon Osbourne was reportedly paid per minute on Celebrity Big Brother

Osbourne's short Celebrity Big Brother stint was definitely worth it for her.

Sharon Osbourne's nine-day stint as a lodger in the Celebrity Big Brother house was definitely worth her time.

The former The X Factor judge joined up with the likes of Louis Walsh, Fern Britton and Ekin-Su Culculoglu during this year's CBB as she became the first-ever celebrity lodger.

This meant that the 71-year-old got her own room and was immune from nominations, whilst also being unable to nominate herself.

The sad reason why she couldn't stay in the house longer was because Osbourne explained that she couldn't leave her husband Ozzy Osbourne, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, for long periods.

The former Black Sabbath frontman was diagnosed with a 'mild' form of the condition in 2003, but only revealed his diagnosis with the degenerative neurological disorder publicly back in 2020.

Thankfully for Osbourne, her short time in the house was reportedly very much worth her while.

Sharon and Louis Walsh reunited on this season of Celebrity Big Brother.

According to the Daily Mail, she reportedly earned nearly £7,000 for every minute she appeared in the CBB house.

And to work out how much that was, this was her CBB screen time:

Launch - 14:58 minutes

Episode two - 17:07 minutes

Episode three - 16 minutes

Episode four - 8:06 minutes

Episode five - 8:35 minutes

Episode six - 9:08 minutes

Episode seven - 16:21 minutes

Episode eight 24:39 minutes

Episode nine - 11:04 minutes

Post eviction interview - 7:52 minutes

She appeared on screen for a total of two hours and 13 minutes, which tallies up to upwards of £930,000 for her short stint on Big Brother.

Not bad for just over two hours of work.

LADbible has contacted ITV for comment.

Sharon's brief stint was definitely worth it if the numbers are anything to go by.

Before she left, Osbourne named Nikita Kuzmin and Levi Roots as the contestants she most wants to be in the final.

She told Kuzmin that he deserves to be in the final two 'because he’s beautiful inside and outside'.

Kuzmin said: “I honestly love you so much. You’re the mother which we all count on and you’ve been so genuine, so kind, you’ve been so much yourself, you’re just our queen Sharon.

“We love you so, so much and we will miss you dearly.”

This comes after Culculoglu and Roots were evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday.

Culculoglu - who missed Osbourne when she left - said: “I don’t think people knew that I was being myself, and I don’t think people connected with me as if I was being myself.

“Just because you win once doesn’t mean you win another one and another one, just because you have a fan base.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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