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The Traitors fans stunned to realise Claudia Winkleman is related to a member of Royal Family

The Traitors fans stunned to realise Claudia Winkleman is related to a member of Royal Family

The TV show host has a shocking link to the Royal Family that wasn't previously known by fans

Being one of the most beloved presenters in the UK, Claudia Winkleman is already TV royalty herself at this point.

However, some new information about who she is related to has left fans truly shocked.

As well as hosting The Great British Sewing Bee and Strictly Come Dancing host, she is very well-known for her role as host of BBC series The Traitors - which is one of highest rated shows on TV right now, boasting an 8.8/10 score on IMDb.

Winkleman is known for her dry humour and unique hosting style, which many fans have praised her for - especially after last week's episode when she called out contestants on The Traitors for a 'sexist' comment.

But - just like parts of the show itself - there's something you probably didn't know about the BAFTA winning host, which is that Claudia Winkleman is actually related to a member of the Royal Family.

Claudia Winkleman has a shocking link to the UK's most famous family.

No, you did not misread that; she actually is - more specifically, through her half-sister Sophie Winkleman.

Claudia and Sophie share the same father, Barry Winkleman, who is well known for publishing the Times Atlas of World History.

And Sophie is also in the entertainment business as a successful actor, most known for her recurring roles in the Peep Show, The Palace and Two and a Half Men.

She is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, the second cousin of King Charles III and the son of Prince Michael of Kent - who is, in turn, the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

The more you know eh?

Sophie Winkleman is known for playing 'Big Suze' on Peep Show.
Channel 4

Sophie married Lord Fredrick back in 2009 and, through her marriage, has the title of 'Lady Fredrick Windsor'.

And fans of The Traitors were surprised when finding out this tidbit of information, making their thoughts known on X (formerly known as Twitter).

One user said: "Just found out Claudia Winkleman is technically a part of the royal family, what"

Another said: "Big Suze from Peep Show is not only Claudia Winkleman’s half sister, but she’s also officially a Lady and part of the Royal Family… wtf" followed by two laughing emojis.

Someone else said: "How have i just found out that big suze from peep show is married into the royal family and her sister is Claudia Winkleman."

"To think that Claudia Winkleman is related to the Royal Family." a third wrote.

Who could have predicted that link?

Featured Image Credit: BBC and Channel 4

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