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'Haunting' British drama compared to 'Black Mirror' that can be binged in a day now available to watch in UK

'Haunting' British drama compared to 'Black Mirror' that can be binged in a day now available to watch in UK

It's all ready for you to watch now

If you're looking to sink your teeth into some dystopian drama then Michael Sheen's directorial debut may whet your appetite.

Viewers have compared it to dystopian series Black Mirror and it's not hard to see why as it's set in a world very much resembling ours, while others have said it's like Black Mirror meets Russell T Davies drama Years and Years.

It's been called been called a 'phenomenal production' and 'quite extraordinary', as well as 'thrilling and timely stuff'.

Viewers have compared the drama to Black Mirror.

If you're a fan of those '20 minutes into the future' dramas then this sounds like your thing as someone else said the series captures 'a sense of things falling apart', and if you live in the UK right now you can probably see where the idea came from.

Sheen co-created the dystopian drama alongside James Graham and Adam Curtis, though he doesn't take centre stage in the BBC's The Way.

That honour goes to Steffan Rhodri, who you'll probably know as Dave Coaches from Gavin and Stacey, who play Welsh steelworker Geoff.

Check it out:

Set in a Port Talbot beset by fears that the local industries are soon to be closed down (if you could imagine such a thing), The Way depicts tensions spilling over into riots and a brutal government crackdown which sees the entire nation of Wales sealed off.

Meanwhile, Geoff and his family are being hunted down after being targeted as leading rabble-rousers and attempt to flee the UK, though he's tormented by the ghost of his father Denny (Sheen).

While the first episode only showed up on TV yesterday (19 February) the entire thing is ready to be binged right now if you want, and those who've seen The Way have hopped onto social media to pour some praise upon it.

Steffan Rhodri and Michael Sheen in The Way.

One X user wrote: "It’s fkn brilliant! Well done to all! THIS is what we need more of, QUALITY."

Another said it was 'beautifully written' and that 'it feels like a haunting fairytale'.

While many people are raving about it, not everyone's the biggest fan of the show.

Critical reception of The Way has been mixed with several reviewers saying the series is a bit of a 'mess' with all the elements it tries to fit into three episodes.

The performances from the cast are all widely praised, but some of those asked to give a verdict on The Way thought things were a little bit rushed.

Still, your most trustworthy opinion is going to be your own and it's a show you can binge watch in a day if you're so inclined.

The Way is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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