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This Morning issues statement after show suddenly 'disappeared' off air

This Morning issues statement after show suddenly 'disappeared' off air

The ITV show was interrupted today

This Morning has issued a statement after the show suddenly 'disappeared' off air.

The ITV show seemed to be disrupted today as presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary vanished from screens.

Viewers were left particularly confused as old footage of the show began to play, along with the message on screen: "We are sorry for the disruption to your schedule.

"We will return to normal programming as soon as we can."

Now back live on air, This Morning shared to X: "Apologies for the technical issues, we'll be back with you as soon as possible!"

Watch the moment the show returned to air here:

Eventually, the presenters reappeared several minutes later and Alison told viewers: “Welcome back to This Morning. Now, we do apologise, we’ve been having a few gremlins in the system.”

Turning to Dermot, she added: “We’re sorting it, aren’t we?”

Dermot then said: “Absolutely, but three lovely films to watch as well while we were at it - Josie Gibson, and then Megan McCubbin and Julia Bradbury.

“It’s almost like Gyles went backstage and fiddled with a couple of buttons so he could have a nice lie-down!”

Users were confused as the show went off and took to X: "What’s happened I’ve just noticed this isn’t a segment there’s been disruption."

Another put: "Why is This Morning suddenly off air?"

Others asked: "What’s going on with #thismorning? Showing pre recorded clips rather than the live show. Hope nothing bad has happened and that it’s just a bit of a glitch."

And: "Omg the suspense is killing me. What’s going on??"

The show now seems to be on back as normal, with normal service resumed for Alison and Dermot.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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