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Blue Planet 2 Compared To Horror Movie In Another Breathtaking Episode

Blue Planet 2 Compared To Horror Movie In Another Breathtaking Episode

Viewers were wowed and amazed last week when the incredible nature documentary Blue Planet returned for a second season, and it was, of course, narrated by Sir David Attenborough. He took us on a journey across our vast oceans, while showing some impressive displays of nature at its finest.

We watched in awe at giant trevallies preying on fledglings on the surface of the water and swallowing them whole. There was also a tense moment when false killer whales were chasing dolphins, only for them to end up as ocean bestsies.


Viewers went through a range of emotions throughout the 60 minute programme, but there was pretty much one feeling being derived from this week's episode, titled The Deep.

And they went deep.

Credit: BBC

Sir David opens the episode by saying: "We know more about the surface of Mars than we do about the deepest parts of our seas. We enter an unforgiving world."


Unforgiving seems like an understatement when some of those creatures were revealed on the screen.

Naturally, people watching at home were pretty freaked out.

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The camera crew got into submersibles to allow them to pry deep into the dark ocean, where light doesn't usually exist. The Fangtooth fish was a crowd favourite, which has the most horrific looking face you could imagine.

You definitely wouldn't want to come across this bad boy if you ever happened to be swimming at those depths without being crushed to death by the pressure.

Being down that deep is frightening enough, but imagine something with several tentacles latching onto your body and dragging you deeper.

Humboldt squids dazzled viewers through not just their appearance, but also in the haunting way they fight with each other when there is no prey to eat.

Then, more than half a dozen sharks gathered to feast on a whale carcass, which was kind of like watching lions devour a zebra, but only more terrifying and much, much more blood.

If that didn't get your blood pumping, then maybe it was the scene with the eel looking like it was possessed by a demon after it swam into a pool of brine. Spending too long in the underwater pool can send any creature into a toxic shock, making them switch and contort until they either snap out of it or die.

Despite those spine-tingling scenes, there were moments of absolute beauty.

Because there is such little to no light whatsoever down there, 'alien-like creatures' have elements of bioluminescence and watching them float or move through the deep ocean was incredibly mesmerising.

It was sad to see the impact trawlers are having on our oceans, with their massive steel frames damaging the local ecosystem while they lie in ruin.

The scenes shown across this week's programme were so completely mind blowing that many on social media were calling bullshit.

But that just goes to show you that our world can sometimes be truly unbelievable at times.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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